30 januari 2010


Another good article about ME + ME-corruption 


    "The mild and the long-suffering may suffer forever in this world. As long as the patient will suffer, the cruel will kick."
     -- Sidney Smith
      "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
    -- Edmund Burke
    "A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury."
    -- John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

The piece I wrote yesterday was a bit much for me, so today I am quite tired. Here are two more items related to ME.

1. Another good article about ME
2. ME-corruption

1. Another good article about ME

The Times published another good article about ME. The link is here:

This is about Sophia Tirza's suffering, that her mother, who is both a brave and an intelligent woman has documented here, alas so far with little media-response, although the site is well done and the evidence very well and fully presented:

The reason Mrs. Wilson does get media-attention now is probably the Kay Gilderdale case, that I briefly wrote about in Two other good English articles about ME.

This is a pretty awful story about medical incompetence, medical malpractice and medical cruelty, just as in the case of Sophia Tirza and her mother, and it will show any reader with some brains and some heart why I write as I write about what I have chosen to call medical sadism(*), which is the best and most precise term I can think of for my subject.

And in this context, here is first a quote I gave before, that was written in reaction to this article about the mother of Lynn Gilderdale: 

Here is the quote, so that you can savour the meaning of the phrase "MEdical sadism"

The whole story [of Kay and Lynn Gilderdale - MM] screams Munchausen's by proxy or a similar delusional state between mother and daughter. Most medical professionals will have seen enough to realise and pick up the clues running right through the article above.

ME is not a disease, it is a state of mind. Like the 98% of people who have been proven NOT to have a food allergy or sensitivity at all.

Cue the outraged nutters defending the undiagnosable and therefore sacrosanct..................................
- Ex NHS Surgeon, Middlesex UK, 28/1/2010 09:27

I wrote about this on January 28, but today I can quote from The Times that is in the first link above:

The fierce debate over ME has been highlighted once again by the case of Kay Gilderdale, who admitted assisting her daughter, Lynn, to kill herself after suffering from ME for 17 years. When she walked free from Lewes Crown Court on Monday, having been cleared of murder, Mrs Wilson was among those cheering her from the public gallery.

“I had to be there,” said Mrs Wilson yesterday. “It was such an important case. And the verdict was a vote for common sense in a trial that highlighted what people suffering ME and their carers have to face.”

Her daughter, Sophia Mirza, was a talented and popular arts graduate living with her mother in Brighton in 1999 when she contracted ME at the age of 25. She became confined to her bedroom and, just as Miss Gilderdale had, needed round-the-clock care.

In 2003 she was visited by a psychiatrist, even though Miss Mirza complained only of physical discomfort. The psychiatrist told her that she was making up her symptoms and if she continued to pretend to be ill he would section her under the Mental Health Act. Mrs Wilson said: “I knew my daughter. There was no way she was mentally ill or pretending.”

For more see also Sophia and me, which is a well made site. One difference with Lynn Gilderdale's case - so far, and see below - that sheds a bright and painful light on the text I reviewed yesterday is this:

At the inquest the next year a neuropathologist told the court that Miss Mirza’s spinal cord was inflamed and three quarters of her sensory cells had abnormalities. It was, the court heard, a clear physical manifestation of ME. The coroner ruled that she had died from “acute renal failures as a result of chronic fatigue syndrome”.

For sure there are signs ME is a real disease, and indeed a killer disease in some cases!

It so happens that Lynn Gilderdale has given her body to science, and the results on her spine are pending for the moment.

2. ME-corruption

There is (much) more that is wrong around ME, and also some that is strange, in a political way.

Here is an article by the designer of Phoenix Forums, Cort Johnson. It is about evident financial corruption at the US Center for Disease Control, that managed to spend $ 2 million dollars of very scarce research money for ME "to develop a protocol and a ‘statement of work’":

This has a very strong smell of financial corruption, and indeed the person most responsible, it would seem, Dr. William Reeves, has been demoted yesterday.

Finally, a brief remark about what is politically strange about ME:

The CDC is an American governnent organization, clearly incompetent and probably corrupt as regards ME. Hilary Johnson's book "The Osler" and her website Osler's Web provide a lot more information about this.

In England, there are and have been also governnent organizations concerned with ME, where there also have happened various strange things, both as regards the decisions reached and the arguments on which they were based - and the really strange thing is that the documents in the case have been declared a state secret until the year... 2071, when the vast majority of those who are living now will be dead.

Those who want to know more should consider the

on which there are a number of Englishmen (and Scots and Irish) patients with links, comments and guesses.

One can make a lot of this, which I shall not do because I am not British and there is really very little firm relevant knowledge. But one may well wonder what manner of secrets relating to a disease (or - as the psychiatric advisors of the English government insist - a delusion due to "dysfunctional beliefs") are so awful that they must be kept a stare secret for 61 years? When those who are now 10 years old will be 71? (**)

P.S. I had hoped today also to write a little in Dutch about other subjects than ME, but will have to forego this.


(*) Here are some references to what I wrote concerning MEdical sadism (mostly in Dutch) - and the reader should keep in mind that I do have an M.Sc. in psychology and a B.A. in philosophy, and have ME now, according to medical specialists, since January 1, 1979:

(**) I shall not indulge in speculation, but it seems a fair assumption that matters that must remain secret for such a long time must be either very important or else very damning to someone who at present is very well-placed.

Maarten Maartensz

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