28 oktober 2009


More about ME

I had until today the British NICE-Guidelines on this site, but have removed them for reasons outlined in NICE-ME today.

Also, I recently wrote about ME and psychiatry/psychotherapy in Nederlog, in Dutch and English, the last specifically in A little more about ME and me and Again a little more about ME.

Well... here is more evidence and reasoning in this context, this time by others, and until yesterday not known to me - and I quote the full title and provide the link (253 Kb of fairly elementary html). Below I shall briefly quote reasons why this may be of some relevance to people without ME, and indeed should be interesting for medical doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists:



Background Briefing for the House of Commons Select Health Committee

It is originally for, by and from - and I quote again

Document prepared for the Countess of Mar by Malcolm Hooper, Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, in collaboration with members of the ME community, Department of Life Sciences, University of Sunderland, SR2  7EE, UK

December 2003            

As indicated - 253 Kb - it is a fair amount of text, about a somewhat complicated medical and judicial and moral problem, and it concerns people with ME and persons helping them - or professing to help them! - first and foremost, but it may be of importance to a much wider group of people.

Here is the socalled "Executive Summary" quoted in full to support this claim:

     "Evidence is presented in this document to show that

  • In the UK, patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS), particularly children, have suffered gross and barbaric abuse and persistent denigration as a consequence of the beliefs of certain psychiatrists who are attempting to control the national agenda for this complex and severe neuro-immunological disorder
  • These psychiatrists are shown to be clearly in breach of the first tenet of medicine --- first do no harm--- in that by their words and deeds they have wreaked havoc in the lives of ME/CFS patients and their families by their arrogant pursuit of a psychiatric construct of the disorder which ignores the abundant clinical and scientific evidence (widely presented in the international medical and scientific literature) of the organic nature of ME/CFS
  • There have been persistent and frequently covert attempts by these psychiatrists to subvert the international classification of this disorder, with destructive consequences for those affected
  • To the serious disadvantage of patients, these psychiatrists have propagated untruths and falsehoods about the disorder to the medical, legal, insurance and media communities, as well as to Government Ministers and to Members of Parliament, resulting in the withdrawal and erosion of both social and financial support
  • Influenced by these psychiatrists, Government bodies such as the Medical Research Council have continued to propagate the same falsehoods with the result that patients are left without any hope of understanding or of health service provision or delivery.  As a consequence, Government funding into the biomedical aspects of the disorder is non-existent
  • This coterie of psychiatrists has proven affiliations with corporate industry and has insidiously infiltrated all the major institutions, directing funding for research into an exclusively psychiatric model of the disorder, focusing on “management strategies” involving psychiatric techniques, even though such techniques have been shown to be at best of no lasting value and at worst to be harmful to patients with ME/CFS
  • The same psychiatric model has been extended by these psychiatrists to a number of other disorders including Gulf War Syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity and chronic low-dose organo-phosphate poisoning, leaving many other people without the help and support they so urgently need."

The reader may be quite confident in one or two thing surely:

First, since I found it on line in October 2009 and it is from December 2003, the above may not have been the subject of legal disputation - I mean: it sounds very serious accusations, that ought to be disquieting to many if true or probable - and certainly has not been forbidden to be published for reasons of provable falsehood or defamation.

Second, if you do a Google-search with the 7 words of the title, you'll find the first few of "458,000 pages" about it. Undiscussed it has not been, for sure.

There is much more on MEActionUK, if you care to know.

P.S. If you liked THE MENTAL HEALTH MOVEMENT: PERSECUTION OF PATIENTS? you may like to read CORPORATE COLLUSION? for evidence relating Health Care Industries and the above psychiatrist and his co-workers.

Maarten Maartensz

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