27 oktober 2009


Site renewal and extensions

My site has been somewhat renewed and revamped, namely by removing the frames-pages with which the main directories opened since 2003, and replacing them by single files (with lots of invisible tables), and by straightening out some of the missing backgrounds, that ought to be mostly and usually as in the present file.

Another thing that is a lot better than it was before is the Tour for the site, that now is up to date and better organized, and that should give anybody who cares at least a tolerably clear view of what is on the site.

There remains some to do in these three respects, but most has been done now.

Also, there are two extensions of the site that ought to be mentioned here:

One. Rochefoucauld's maxims are now on the site, next to my comments on selected maxims, that date from 1997 (although I forgot when I uploaded it, that may have been in 1999). This is a distinct improvement, if only for the background each - his maxims, my aphoristic  comments- now supplies to each.

Two. I have added an English version of Boétie's Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, essentially for two reasons: At some point I want to write comments to this text, and the Dutch version I uploaded earlier this year I find less easy to read than the one I have in Dutch in bookform, that dates from the 1960ies, I believe.

Maarten Maartensz

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