26 augustus 2009


Old and Young Turks

This is an English Nederlog - and indeed I am seriously thinking about making Nederlog mostly English, because the Dutch do not want to hear what I have to say, since Holland is filled to the brim with conformists, cowards, collaborators and liars, and the Dutch media are hand in glove with the bureaucracy and politicians.

See the next dotted link, that I also gave yesterday for the same sort of notion about the USA - where TV turns out to be far less tame, conformist, false and phoney than the daily televised Dutch regular media-shit the Dutch consume with such eager passion and fond approval, precisely because it is inane, conformist, stupid and full of the cant of today they learned to love from the bringers of media-cant of yesterday:

Another reason is that, when healthy, I might be the Dutch answer to the Young Turk Cenk Uygur, a man I strongly recommend you to watch, for he is a man who can think and talk - in my opinion, and unlike most, including the phoneys who usually do so on TV, whose relation to truth tends to be that of a prostitute to love, and whose relation to morality is usually that of a pimp.

Here I am not deluding myself, for I know I can talk - which in fact is the reason I can write, for I write normally as I speak - except for that equally true qualification about my health.

Now.... who is Cenk Uygur?

I don't really know, except that he is some 25 years younger than I am; he is an American of Turkish decent who arrived in the USA age 8; who used to be a Muslim and a Republican, but since Bush changed into an anti-Republican, and who seems to be at present something like an agnostic Muslim (say - and I am not putting words in his mouth, but trying to catch his stance - "Yes, I have that background, and no, there is nothing particularly wrong with that, but I don't believe religious faiths can be rationally argued or founded").

What I do know is that the man can think and talk, and does so very well, and also that I agree with most that I saw and heard of him - which for me is a very rare fact when it comes to TV, since this has seemed to me the home of the braindead, since I kicked out TV from my life (that is: my own home) when I was 19, in 1969.

Also, there is a lot of him available by way of Youtube. Here is a link to a long list:

If you like Nederlog, you should check this out (if you can view Youtube), and here are three examples of why:

This starts with a stunning clip of Bill O'Reilly - yes, the very same - and something that calls itself Glenn Beck - who are gloating sadistically about the use of waterboarding, followed by Cenk Uygur who lampoons them, very effectively. And see - if you read Dutch - my Over terrorisme (from 2005), Martelen voor vrijheid, veiligheid en vrede (2006), Een toepasselijk Orwell-citaat (2006) en De gruwelijke hondenplaag te Irak (2007) en Een wijs man over "Het Terrorisme" (2008).

Then there is, in the same connection, from this month

This is frightening stuff, by implication, and you see Uygur in serious mode, and quite rightly so.

As a third example, and to compare Dutch politicians with, if one can compare a flea with a mountain, or a turd with a man, of course:

This is a long interview - over 30 minutes - but very well worth listening to, and I'll briefly indicate why.

First, who is Jesse Ventura?

I didn't know he existed until two days ago, so lets start with saying that he was until recently the governor of Minnesota, and was elected on an independent ticket, that is, as a non-Republican and non-Democrat.

Next, what makes him interesting?

Apart from that he was in his life a US Navy-seal, that is, a member of the special forces of the US marines; a wrestler; a filmstar; a talkshow-host; and indeed governor of Minnesota - and he has a brain to think with, and a basso profundo gritty voice to formulate it in, which he does very well.

Clearly, he is a character, and such as could not rise in Holland if there were one like him in Holland, which is most unlikely, simply because he is too honest, too smart, too well-spoken, and too much of a man to fit the mental schemes of the wimps, cowards and conformist collaborators with whoever is in power who run the media in Holland (tacitly, of course, and by silent behind-the-scenes manoeuvering as explained in the first clip I listed here above).

So.... if Ventura is an Old Turk, and he sure is a powerful personality with an independent good and working mind, and Uygur is a Young Turk - also the name of the media-company he works for, and standard English idiom for nay-sayers against accepted hypocrisies - I must be an Old Turk as well.

Anyway... it pleases me a lot that characters as discussed exist and that they can get into the media since Youtube (for that seems the main reason behind the success of TheYoungTurks.com: the possibility to upload stuff for all to see without having to pass the approval of some mediamogul's or state's censorship) and speak for themselves, without mincing words or posing as if they are so many bits of conformist apparently human plastic, with a plastic smile, no backbone whatsoever, an infinite capacity for lies and deception, and great glee in deceiving the millions of marks (*) of the media.

P.S. Mind you: I am not saying people like Uygur and Ventura will make a difference in the US, and I am also not saying that I approve of all they are saying, for I don't know the first, and don't hold the second. (**)

What I am saying is that these people can think, can talk, are not conformists, are not cowards, and make a lot of sense to me (also when I don't agree) - and that I can prove that I have publicly said these kinds of things for 32 years now in Holland, resulting in three removals from the University of Amsterdam

"because of your outspoken opinions, in spite of your bad health, which we take very serious" (Board of Directors in writing, 1988)

(and since they are obvious and gleeful sadists, it may also be pointed out that my intellectual brilliance has never been disputed: my Political Correctness has been, and indeed was and is awfully incorrect, in Neanderthalia, were I live because I am too ill to escape this heaven for intellectual and moral misfits), together with at least six serious threats of murder - by Amsterdam drugs-mafiosi with personal cover and protections since 21 years by the mayors and aldermen of Amsterdam! - that the Amsterdam police refuses to do anything about, refuses to investigate, refuses to accept a complaint about, and refuses to answer - just like Mayor an Aldermen of Amsterdam.

For more on this, see The Willing Executioners of The Truth About Amsterdam.

Anyway... for the first time in 40 years I have seen thinking, talking, sane, and honest people on TV, coming from The Home Of The Brave.

That pleases me a lot - for having in the end a mathematical kind of mind, I like existence proofs, especially of rare and good things and people.

O yes... for those who hold I am a pessimist, a cynic, a misanthropist etc.: I have always insisted that there is a minority of thinking and honest human beings - for indeed else homo sapiens were still fighting with homo bonobensis for the best place at nature's through: There is no human civilization (in the proper sense of the word) without bright human minds.

But indeed: They tend to be rare and to come from far and occur unpredictably inbetween all manner of different things - like all good things.

P.S. 27 aug: There's lots more good stuff, such as (see my section on logic)

(*) Not being an American, and not knowing the current American slang: "mark" used to be the - very appropriately cynically descriptive - term of Barnum and Bailey like entrepreneurs for the millions they intended to con (or charm, or convince) into buying their shows.

(**) As to my disapproval (not wholly serious, in re rating of hottest living female - yes, I have come to that, and Cenk does that too, with his topten): One. Most of them are beautiful, but with far too much paint.  Make-up may enhance, it should not replace. Two. I knew of none of them. Honest. (No TV since 40 years, where I live. Ripe old age, etc.) Three. Why put Penelope Cruz #5? I don't know her from Eve, but boy, o boy....

Grows his age again, yours truly, Master of Arts in Psychology,

Maarten Maartensz

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