11 augustus 2009


The ideal candidate for The Truth About Amsterdam (Foxnews)


The ideal candidate for this position should have sufficient knowledge of the city of Amsterdam, an affinity for the city’s cultural sector, and a good understanding of the needs and expectations of the international community. They must be able to communicate to their audience in an unambiguous, creative and engaging tone-of-voice. Strong computer skills and experience in writing for the web is a must.
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Re             :  Your urgent need for a good writer and web-developer

Dear Team of I Amsterdam!

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CC             : Elian Wils at BigShots

I should like to make a genuine honest personal and truthful contribution to - what you call so originally - "The Mission Of" I Amsterdam, with my great skills in English and programming, and my top-degrees in psychology, philosophy and logic, from the University of Amsterdam.

In fact is that I believe myself to have the abilities, story, personality and great fluency in Dutch and English, to make Amsterdam MUCH better known than it is, and to be appreciated the world over for what it IS:

"A cesspool of drugs corruption" [1]

- änd I quoted Foxnews, incidentally not one of my favourite news channels, but even they may speak the truth, or considerably more so than I Amsterdam - since in Ansterdam every year some 20 billion dollars [2] are turned over for the Amsterdam drugsmafia with the help of the Amsterdam mayors, Amsterdam aldermen (trained cokenoses!), Amsterdam city council, Amsterdam municipal police, Amsterdam courts, Amsterdam judges, Amsterdam district attorneys and many more.

In fact, the drugsmafia (together with the cream of Amsterdam lawyers, who make a very good living since decades from defending them) is the basic, most profitable, most powerful and most dangerous bussiness in Amsterdam - dealing drugs - with by far the greatest profit-margin, and the best professional killers, all since decades personally protected by the aldermen and mayors of Amsterdam, who much rather have invalid Dutch citizens gassed and terrorized by their very own dealers in hard drugs (posing as dealers in soft drugs) than maintain the Dutch laws that forbid the dealing in drugs, murderthreats, and  attempts to gass - the very rare - Dutchmen who dare to protest the Dutch drugs mafia or their willing municipal bureaucratic and political executioners.

Mr. Evan Wils, who made the video The Truth About Amsterdam informed me yesterday that in fact he made this video for I Amsterdam, with money and video fragments supplied by I Amsterdam, when I explained to him - as he may tell you: very politely, cogently, and friendly - that the real truth about Amsterdam is quite different from the propaganda lies your organization propounds, paid by Amsterdam tax-payers like me.

You'll find the details in the above links next to References, and I can assure you that the prose is fine even though the subject is sick, just as you find further details about my intellectual qualities here, and about my writing abilities here.

What I should like to further now are my human rights and adequate payment for damages - having been gassed 21 years ago in Amsterdam because I protested against drugsdealers Mayor Ed van Thijn had given permission to deal from the house were I lived (instead from his own luxurious home at the Van Breestraat 10, Amsterdam); I have been threatened at least 5 times with murder, literally thus

"If you do anything we do not like, we will murder you"

and the municipal police told me that
(i) I "have nothing to say about drugsdealing in Amsterdam"
(ii) I "have no rights to complain about the past"
(iii) "they will not file my complaints" (about one of the two drugsdealers who had threatened to murder me, who had been arrested in front of his shop with several kilos of cocaine and heroin) and
(iv) finally, because I kept insisting and asked them what I should do in case of the next murder-threat: "Throw a fire-bomb in that dirty business, perhaps?"

"You can do as you please. We, the Amsterdam Municipal Police will do NOTHING for you. And if you don't like it in Amsterdam, you can fuck off to some other country".

This was in 1991, after my already invalid health had been totally ruined by 3 years of terror, threats and sleeplessness because of the nearly continuous noise (of four "gezellige" cafe's within 15 meters of where I had to live, all with permission to have hundreds of customers standing about drinking and screaming till 2 o'clock in the night).

Since then the matter stayed there, because since then the municipality of Amsterdam has refused to answer me, though they agree with everything that is on my site, taken all possinle steps that I do not get the help other invalids are entitled to, all because of

  1. my protests
  2. my writing and reasoning abilities: nobody can shut me up or
    can write, talk and argue halfway as well a I can, with a minimum of energy and not too much pain, in the Municipality of Amsterdam, lawyers, mayors and aldermen included, and especially
  3. it so happens that my father, mother and grandfather were heroes of the Dutch Resistance; co-organisers of the February-strike of 1941, for which my father and grandfather were convicted to concentration-camp forced labour, where my grandfather was murdered; that my mother was sub-head of the Dutch Resistance in Noordbrabant at the time the future mayor of Amsterdam Ed van Thijn hid there to escape being gassed; that Ed van Thijn knew my parents (superficially) after the war, since my father got knighted in Amsterdam in 1980 as the main organizer of the National Exposition about Dutch Resistance against Fascism.

Since then I have had no help whatsoever in Amsterdam, in spite of medically established written proofs of and evidence for my illness since 32 years; I have been for 21 years in pain, I am not allowed for 16 years to get the money for a washing machine, nor for a computer, not even for a bed since 8 years (I sleep on a mattrass on the floor), simply because I told the truth about Amsterdam, and did so in inimitable Dutch and English, and I very much displeased the mayor and aldermen of Amsterdam for doing so.

Therefore I now want to connect your site to mine; copy and comment the most atrocious lies and misrepresentations about Amsterdam; and generally try to bring about in a planned manner, if possible with cameras of Foxnews, since Dutch journalists for the past 21 years to a man have decided that it pays better to support the drugsdealing and lawbreaking mayors and aldermen of Amsterdam than to help a poor, ill and unknown Dutchman, who very well may be the only person in Holland able and willing to write and speak clearly, honestly and cogently about the frightening decline in civilization and education, and the coordinate even more frightening increase in illegal drugs-deals, illegal drugsdealers, many drugsrelated murders in Amsterdam, and the enormous illegal and untaxed profits of the drugsdealers (and their helpers in the Amsterdam bureaucracy, for which see the Parliamentary Van Traa-report).

My overall purpose is the same as yours:

To speak The Truth About Amsterdam, and to get money for having done so.

Indeed, even my aim may be the same, since so many Dutch academics of far less braincapacity than I have, live outside Holland, because of the ridiculously high taxes, the general unsafety of Amsterdam, and the lousy Dutch climate:

To flee this Dutch paradise of fascist and terrorist municipal Amsterdam bureaucrats and politicos [3], and to return - with my damages paid - to England or Norway, where I also lived, and which both are countries that are far less corrupt and far less dangerous than Amsterdam, and where - at least in Norway - the population has not been systematically dumbed down and moronified for 40 years in all levels and places of public (legally enforced) "education".

I hope you found this information interesting, heartening and enjoyable (Evan Wils is not the only person to care deeply, honestly and with real information and insight for Amsterdam's reputation - and I am not even paid for caring for it, unlike you and he), and I will try to contact you later in the day, or else tomorrow, to exhibit my great fluency in English and Dutch and to further our common interests and get contact with Foxnews, to help teach the world The Truth About Amsterdam, especially since the Dutch and Amsterdam journalists evidently much rather serve the mayor who serves the mafia than that they serve the truth, the law, or their ill and terrorized fellow Dutchmen, and indeed the latter takes courage and gives no pay, whereas the former takes no courage at all and pays extremely well.

Indeed, nearly all Dutch bureaucrats and very many Dutch journalists will be members of the Dutch Labour Party, simply because that is the only way to get and keep a well-paying post in the Dutch media, the Dutch bureaucracy, or the Dutch political élite, that the last 40 years seems to have existed mainly to further the interests of the drugsmafia and to dumb down the Dutch population, so that "these all can enjoy their days in happy profligacy and pleasant emptiness", and enthusiastically, morally and lovingly vote for their caretakers of the mafia, since they have such able propagandists able to present them as True Humanists and Noble Idealists.

Yours faithfully,

drs. Maarten Maartensz (M.A. phi, B.A. psy).


[1] See The Willing Executioners of The Truth About Amsterdam - and please note that Holland is a NATIONAL state, so as to be able to have ITS OWN NATIONAL LAWS, and that since the British parliamentary Wootton-report of .... gasp! gawk! golly! ... 1969 that adviced legislation of recreational drugs, in the interest of the citizens, to protect their interests and health, that the only known way to tame the drugsmafia (and their willing executioners) is


and see to their proper pricing, taxing, and quality controls.

All Amsterdam bureaucrats, politicos and policemen SINCE 40 YEARS have refused to plead, argie or even discuss this rationally, for precisely the same reasom as Al Capone was much in favour of making the possession or sales of alcohol illegal: GUARANTEED ENORMOUS PROFITS FOR THE MAFIA AND CORRUPT BUREAUCRATS.

[2] See the Van Traa-report on site with my notes. Those who want to deny my statistics should ask prof.dr. Frank Bovenkerk, who co-wrote the report (but since may have become too afraid to talk about drugs in Amsterdam, or to do so honestly).

[3] As you may find out from ME in Amsterdam, I also am the only person in Holland who has been ousted from a university since 1945 (just before taking my M.A. in philosophy, "because of your outspoken ideas"); very probably the only person who graduated - therefore - as an M.A. as well as I did; and also over the last 32 years of my disease the person with the lowest income of Holland, because I do not get any help, financial or otherwise, and have had to survive from study loans and minimized dole, that I was and am forced to accept because I am ill since 32 years, and am always tired and in pain.

Finally, it also may interest you - and indeed, if you are a loyal servant of Mayor & Aldermen of Amsterdam, who now have refused to answer my site, my complaints, my letters, my mails, my calls and my personal visits "because of your outspoken ideas" since 21 years - that I am the only person living in Amsterdam with as good a background in the Amsterdam Resistance to Fascism as I have, while mr. Cohen, mr. Oudkerk and mr. Asscher (mayor and aldermen of Amsterdam, the last now vice-mayor of Amsterdam, in spite of, or perhaps because of, his having a very low IQ and a proven inability to write any decent Dutch, or argue rationally) all are grandsons or great-grandsons of the most sickening collaborators with Nazism - willing executioners, indeed! - that Amsterdam has ever known.

And indeed, you will find that the mayor of Amsterdam, Master Doctor Job Cohen, together with all his aldermen the last 9 years - quite a few who have been dismissed because of proven financial corruption (Huffnagels, Peer); cocaine and whoring corruption (Oudkerk) or defrauding the city-council (Herrema, Dales) and the people of Amsterdam of more than a billon dollars with the accounts of the metro of Amsterdam - have over the past 9 years helped the Amsterdam drugsmafia to turn over between 100 and 400 billion dollars in soft and hard drugs, thanks to the permissive climate for illegal drugsdealing and -trafficking that 40 years of Amsterdam illegal political and bureaucratic drugs corruption, illegally protected, helped, pampered, shared, developed and "gedoogd" (is the Dutch) have brought about, all so very profitable for whoever deals illegal drugs in Amsterdam, and for their political and bureaucratic protectors in the Amsterdam city government.

Maarten Maartensz

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