9 augustus 2009


The Willing Executioners of The Truth About Amsterdam


To: Elian Wils - elian@bigshots.nl            Amsterdamn, August 9, 2009

Subject: The Willing Executioners Of The Truth About Amsterdam

Dear Sir,

I see from your video and company site that you are much concerned with the truth about Amsterdam, especially as regards drugs.

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Also, I learned from your companies' website that you are much occupied with producing paid propaganda videos for many Dutch corporative governments and quangos, including the City of Amsterdam, that you are obviously very well and honestly paid for that, and that you are now making a bid for eternal international fame in that field, and have tried to further that bid by a recent public video, in which you contest supposed facts on Fox News, and attempt to replace these by a videomatic vision of Amsterdam that is - accidentally perhaps - just like your paymasters - Gemeente Amsterdam, KPN, ING, Heineken and many more such moral Dutch firms: my congratulations on your success! - like to see that ordinary folks, in and outside Holland, believe and propound.

It so happens that I think that I can help you and that you can help me.

Let me briefly explain why - and please note that mayor and aldermen, the municipal police, and the University of Amsterdam all agree since many years that the facts I am about to summarize are indeed facts, and that they do not contest them - as you can see from my website, and especially ME in Amsterdam (that contains far too much truth about Amsterdam to be of any value to the happiness of Dutchmen, so much unlike their own daily doses of illegal drugs, that are so remarkably cheap here - Amsterdam free market conditions, Mr Reilly will be glad to know! - and also much enjoyed, so the late Theo van Gogh assured me, especially by many Amsterdam professional film- and videomakers).

I am the 59 year old son of a knighted hero of the Amsterdam Resistance in World War II, who is and has been myself an invalid since 32 years. I suffer from ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - that, although it was admitted as a seriously invalidating disease by the World Health Organization in 1969, is still not admitted as medical disease in Holland, because that helps save money for the health insurances (and their directors bonuses).

Academically, I am a psychologist who graduated in the faculty for psychology with the best possible marks from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), after being removed just before my graduation in philosophy from the faculty of philosophy of the same muncipal institution, because I publicly asked questions about the postmodern moronification of the Dutch educational system over the last 40 years.

No other student has been removed from a Dutch university since the end of World War II

"because of your outspoken opinions, in spite of your invalidating disease, which we take very seriously",

as its Board of Directors wrote me, not without obvious sadism, because they much hated me, since I was a fairly well-known studentleader at one point, and criticized their financial dealings (they made 45 million guilders "disappear").

In 1988 I found myself, invalid with a non-admitted medical disease, always very tired, always in pain, always very poor, having no work and no support whatsoever for being ill, living in a house where the then mayor of Amsterdam Ed van Thijn, had given some Amsterdam drugs mafiosi an official permit, with his own signature, all visible in the shopwindow, to deal in soft drugs.

In fact, these fine Amsterdam entrepreneurs dealt mostly in hard drugs, very much noise until 1.30 or 02.00 o'lock in the night, and murder threats against me and my neighbours. The municipal police - drugscorrupt - refused to do anything for me, telling me (knowing very well that I am an invalid) that

"f you don't like it in Amsterdam, you should fuck off to another country."

This was - after three years of murder threats and one nearly succesful attempt to have me gassed - the reply after I attempted to file a complaint, two days after one of the two owners of the "coffeeshop" had been arrested in front of his shop with several kilos of cocaine and heroine, and the other had disappeared.

Since then, and for 21 years now

Now, living in Amsterdam and being so seriously, honestly and morally concerned with drugs in Amsterdam, you and your partners may very well have seen my site, and certainly must know about the Dutch Parliamentary Van Traa report of 1995, that paints a completely different picture of The Truth About Amsterdam Drugsdealing than you and your partners do, with such great objectivity and honesty, and put on Youtube, no doubt in furtherance of further payment from the City of Amsterdam, whose propaganda you also propound in other subjects, no doubt for a generous and honest financial consideration, but ostensibly in the interest of the public of the world and the people of Amsterdam.

The Van Traa report details (and the Dutch Parliament agreed, after which they did nothing to do anything about the 10 tot 40 billion (dollars) yearly turnover in soft and hard drugs in Holland, because that is so very profitable for so very many especially Amsterdam top civil servants, top lawyers, and building entrepreneurs:

  • 10 tot 40 billion dollars are yearly turned over in illegal drugs in Holland, especially in Amsterdam, all with the connivance, the support and the full legal and police protection by the Dutch national and Amsterdam city authorities since 40 years now
  • great parts of the Amsterdam lawyers and the Amsterdam businesses enterprises are partially or wholly criminal and work for the drugsmafia (indeed, since you are thirty years younger than I am and in video-business, if I may: When did you last break your habit? Or is that  financially unproblematical, given so much support for you by the Amsterdam City Authorities?)
  • drugsdealers can and freely do murder each other in droves since decades in Amsterdam, and do also murder standers by and rare individuals like me, if they can, because the municipal police (drugs-corrupted and/or much underpaid as they indeed are) never finds any evidence of anything as soon as drugs (and powerful lawyers and dangerous professional killers) are concerned, in Amsterdam
  • every junk in Amsterdam, including German and French ones, get treatment, free heroine, a new house, new teeth, new clothes, and much financial support, all from Amsterdam municipal taxes, because - unlike me - they have, unlike me, (what is a called) "an admitted disease", and suffer much, according to Mayor Cohen.

So... it seems to me that you and/or Fox News should interview me and you, on video, in order to make very clear that Amsterdammers such as you much like to see Amsterdammers such as me gassed, threatened with murder, removed from the university, and discriminated and caused pain for decades, simply because I have been so silly to speak and write the truth about Amsterdam, and because I do insist on maintenance of the law and of decent public morality, as did my parents and grandparents, who also were heavily punished for that, by collaborating Dutchmen, between 1940 and 1945.

Of course, sir, I am well aware that your no doubt honest, sincere, and wholly impartial view, to the best of your knowledge will be proud-ly and de-mo-cra-ti-cal-ly supported by millions of Dutchmen - whose personal average moral and intellectual characteristics have been very well detailed in The UnDutchables, and who indeed mostly had no education of any value whatsoever if they are younger than me.

Therefore, sir, I invite you to a little public discussion with me - and since I full well know Dutch morals in practice, I do wish to maintain publicly that you and your company agree with everything I say, just as Mayor Cohen and his top lawyers do, if you don't want to discuss rationally and reasonably with me, but that (then) you wish to evade any written or spoken discussion with me, because the probability that you or he will end up with egg on the face is far too large.

Thanking you in advance for your kindness, and also for the fair, honest, impartial, civic mindedness you have already shown, so wholly free from self-interest also, I am,

yours faithfully,

Maarten Maartensz (M.A. psy, B.A. phi)

P.S. Why have I been forced to waste 21 years of my life now, even without any decent reply by the mayors and aldermen who had me gassed and threatened with murder, you may ask? That is, sir, because the mafiosi who threatened me very credibly (weapons, Doberman pinchers, and a cocaine induced megalomania) still thrive in Amsterdam (indeed, his - now legal - firm may be in your portfolio), and because absolutely no one in Amsterdam or Holland who is paid to maintain the law does so, whenever and wherever drugs are involved (they might be threatened themselves, you see!), and besides because I am ill, poor, always in pain, most of the day since 21 years in bed, and because I get no help or assistance whatsoever, because I had the temerity to speak and write what you pretend is your heart's fondest concern: The Truth About Amsterdam.

Maarten Maartensz

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