15 januari 2006


Citaatje van Mill ook van toepassing op modern Nederland



Mijn oog viel er op, bij herlezing na bijna 30 jaar van John Stuart Mill's "Considerations On Representative Government", dat uit 1861 dateert, in 't origineel.

"Again, a people must be considered unfit for more than a qualified freedom, who will not co-operate actively with the law and the public authorities in the repression of evil-doers. A people who are most disposed to shelter a criminal than to apprehend them; who, like the Hindoos, will perjure themselves to screen the man who has robbed them, rather than take trouble or expose themselves to vindictiveness by giving evidence against him; who, like some nations of Europe down to a recent date, if a man poniards another in the public street, pass by on the other side, because it is the business of the police to look to the matter, and it is safer not to interfere in what does not concern them; a people who are revolted by a an execution, but not shocked at an assassination - require that the public authorities should be armed with much sterner powers of repression than elsewhere, since the first indispensable requisites of life have nothing else to rest on."
(p. 179, Utilitarianism, On Liberty and Considerations on Representative Government. J.S. Mill. Edited by H.B. Acton)

Mijn vraag moet zijn:

  • Hoe zijn de huidige Nederlanders - gemiddeld, in meerderheid, in doorsnee - "fit for more than a qualified freedom", volgens de criteria van Mill?

Ik zie het niet, al zie ik ook geen grond voor meer een Nederlandse regering gerecruteerd uit wat er in Nederland rondloopt aan politici en would-be politici voor "much sterner powers of repression". Dat draait alleen uit op een dictatuur van incompetenten.

Maarten Maartensz


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