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The purpose of this site is to explain what I think about philosophy, logic, computing and M.E.  To do so, there are large sections about each of these topics, all organized as a directories with access to many files.

TOUR starts a short survey of this site by providing short descriptions of the contents of its main directories and links to them. For all files on this site in a navigable format consult Map.

General tips

  • This site is easiest read in Full Screen Mode (=F11 in MS Internet Explorer)
  • Since this site is over 100 MB of mostly text, there is a LOT to read.
  • You first get this site to read in a frame i.e. split up in three parts.
    On many places there now are these simple pictures:

    = section full screen
      = section in frame

    These enable you have only the text-part in your browser or return to the frame-presentation, from which it is easier to surf the whole site.

    Also see: Introduction to this site.

Maarten Maartensz       
last update: Oct 7 2007