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1. On my site(s)

First, about the plurals: There are two sites of mine, and one is  located in Amsterdam and one in Copenhagen:
The first exists since 1996; the second since 2004. The Dutch one is by KPN (that calls itself "", because it bought that company around 2000); the Danish one is by

They are supposed to be equivalents, but because the "service" of the KPN is truly atrocious, I can't get much information about my Dutch site - for which I am at least as sorry as you are, but that is how it is.

I can upload and download, but that is about it. Statistics, there are not (really), and the "help" is so sick that I generally avoid it. Also, it seems - I am not certain, and am only relaying something I read in a paper - KPN is now in fact a company of Carlos Slim, who is the world's richest man.

Also, with my health, there is little I can do about it, except get another site, which I have done in 2004. This is located in Denmark, and is in fact a great lot better than what's available in Holland: I've got statistics; the help is polite and informed; and things generally work or are repaired fast.

Then again, it is not quite a full provider, though for my purposes that doesn't matter much.

Next, here are the facts about what is on my site, currently - and I'll do it with some precision:

My sites currently are around (maximally) 410 MB of files. These are all in my home directories, and all start from one of the above two files. Anything which does not link to that, and is not in either the home-directory, or in one of its sub-directories, has not been put there by me.

The immediate subdirectories of the home directory are as follows:
Of these, the bold ones are the main directories and the other four - help, images, mm and zip - either are for help or ought to be removed.

Next, all of the bold directories in the above give access to more sub-directories, in some cases quite a lot, that usually again have sub-directories, etc. but then again, they all have their main directories, which all have been linked above, that give access to all of them, albeit not necessarily in one click.

Also, I linked the opening help-file, that does give access to nearly 5 MB of help.

And you get most of the main files here: Directories of the site

Maarten Maartensz       
last update: Mar 22 2014