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What this site is NOT and does NOT do (speaking for its maker):

  • it does not track nor  trace you
  • it does not store any information(*) about you
  • it will not persecute you with e-mail or ads
  • it does not  care for the number but the quality of its visitors
  • it does not  cater to anyone's tastes or ideas except my own
  • it does not  belong to any organization, politically, religious or otherwise
  • it does not need your approval or consent
  • it does not try to be irrational or unreasonable
  • it does not seek to disinform
  • it does not approve of falsehoods or fallacies
  • it is not always to everyone's tastes
  • it is not post-modern, relativistic, ironical or dishonest
  • it is not for dummies

Incidentally, about tracking, tracing etc.: I also do not  know what my providers do and do not do, and I do not have shares in them or power over them.

(*) Except in so far as my providers keep track of all goings and comings as required by law.
     I have nothing to do with that.

Maarten Maartensz