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Notes - ME in Amsterdam

For several years "ME in Amsterdam" was part of my site.
This has been removed in the end of May 2003 and it has been put back on the site in the end of August 2003, and was reformatted and extended in 2007 and 2008.

To quote and somewhat the introduction of Notes on the subject:

ME = Myalgic Encephalomyelitis = the disease I have and my then wife has  since Jan 1 1979, especially as this relates to my adventures, trials and tribulations at the University of Amsterdam - whence I was thrice removed "because of your outspoken ideas", its Board of Directors wrote the third time, briefly before my M.A. in philosophy - and above semi-legal drugsdealers with allowance by the mayor to deal in illegal drugs, who also dealt in murder-threats and attempts against those who protested, viz. me, and against which the city of Amsterdam - mayors, eldermen, city-council, bureaucrats - refused to protect me.

This is a chilling and bitter story, but it is in Dutch, and probably hard to understand for those who are not fairly familiar with Holland, Amsterdam and the ways drugs are dealt with there, and the University of Amsterdam (Municipal), that was democratised during the time I studied there - where I also, in case you worry about my not getting an M.A. in philosophy, did get the best possible M.A. in the end, but in psychology, but mostly on the grounds of logic and physics. (Interesting, enlightening and humorous background to Holland, also well-informed and mostly true: The UnDutchables, by Colin White & Laurie Boucke.)

Most of ME in Amsterdam is in Dutch (and rather good Dutch, especially given the fact most consists of letters to Dutch bureaucrats!) but there are some English explanations (that need editing).

Also, the interested reader may know that in much I have said, both about drugs in Amsterdam and about the educational system in Holland and the UvA, much later (respectively 7 and 10-30 years), many of the opinions I expressed about these subjects, which led to many problems with mayor & aldermen of Amsterdam and with the board of directors of the university of Amsterdam have been much justified and supported by the research and conclusions of two Dutch parliamentary committees, named after their chairmen resp. (in short terms) Van Traa-rapport and Dijsselbloem-rapport, of which the former is the part about Amsterdam on my site, with 190 of my helpful notes of 2001.

Even so, and since 20 years, both the mayor & eldermen of the City of Amsterdam and the board of directors of the University of Amsterdam (Municipal), have refused to answer my complaints, my letters, my mails, or my site; refuse to speak to me by phone; refuse to receive me, giving as ground only that they do not like my prose - while knowing full well that I have been ill all these 20 years, and without any help by them, living without help on minimal dole all the time, being tired and in pain most of the time, and also effectively refusing, in the form of letters from the City of Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam (Municipal), and the Amsterdam Ombudsman, to deny, refute or discuss my site and the material on it, especially as it concerns their legal crimes, for that is what their behavior to me amounts to, for which reason indeed I have claimed large damages, which is another reason I am not answered.

It probably is true that had I lived in England or America, I had been rich in awarded damages, but Holland has a peculiar legal system as regards damages (amounting to: "every private person is responsible for his own damage" - damages are only rewarded to legal corporations, in practice, with few and rare exceptions).

Also, the Dutch governmental and municipal dealing with drugs - about which my complains and damages as regard the City of Amsterdam are concerned - is most peculiar, since for some thirty years now it "allows" or "tolerates" ("gedoogd" in Dutch) that soft drugs are semi-legally dealt in so-called "coffee-shops, with special permits by the mayor, but without any control on what and how much they sell in soft drugs.

The official reason for this is sensible enough - to protect the many users of soft drugs from exposure to hard drugs - but the effect of thirty years of this policy have been that the drugs-mafia got semi-legal status, much power, and lots of money, in part also by corrupting Amterdam and other Dutch civil servants, and also by making Holland, and Amsterdam in particular, the center of the traffic in all manner of drugs through Europe.

But as I said, the background of this is hard to understand without considerable knowledge of Holland, the Dutch, and Amsterdam, that are three subjects that also are not what their official spokespersons claim they are.

And if you do not read Dutch, you must miss the peculiar charm and horror of "ME in Amsterdam", that has the great merit of telling an true and rather tragical story in terms of the actual official letters sent, uncontested since 12 years by their receivers, viz. the City Government and the Municipal University's Board, just as none of my conclusions, claims, explanations and inferences have been contested by these worthies, strongly incriminating though they are, if true, as they deny not.