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Changes in the English part

This file of News lists the
English changes made in 2011.
For 2010 and before: 2010.

There are changes (mostly additions) most weeks, sometimes quite a few, sometimes only one or two. The important ones are listed in this file, and are current to the date that follows:

Date of this file : Dec 31, 2011

Maarten Maartensz



  Changes in the English part









These are the English additions, changes and corrections  of 2011.

For earlier ones see 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009 and 2010.
For the Dutch changes see

Note this is a selection: Small changes of typos are not mentioned, and not all additions may be listed here.


  • Dec 31:  GW: ME by the Official Rules (as is and to be): End of the year quote.
  • Dec 30:  me+ME: Varia relating to Nederlog and ME/CFS: What the title says - on
                Nederlog, dr Lipkin' statement, dr. Deckoff-Jones's olive branch; and why so very
                few people can understand what ME/CFS is like.
  • Dec 29:  me+ME: Update on the Lipkin + 11 Study: Dr. Ian Lipkin promised the results of
                a study he planned for quite a while now by the end of this year, which got somewhat
                upset by the recent events around dr. Mikovits and also by the retractions of the
                Lombardi et al and Lo et al papers, but then there was an interesting communication
                from him outlining the present status of the study, that looks interesting and good,
                and may be finished by coming March. I reproduce his communication and provide
  • Dec 28:  Hazlitt's Essays: Belief, whether voluntary?: More philosophy and more Hazlitt,
                that is even quite relevant to the brouhaha about XMRV and ME/CFS. Enjoy!
    I found yesterday that the materials the WPI had on its site about the civil
                courtcase against dr. Mikovits have disappeared from the WPI-site.
                Since I had them downloaded - status 22 and 23 nov 2011 - I put them on my
                site and relinked to have the evidence available. See Dec 26.
  • Dec 27:  I divided yesterday's NL into a first satirical part:
                   me+ME: The horror of the anonymous Bobbian freaks
    and a second part, below, but with another filename, because I also managed to
                forget a number in the title. It should now be sorted out and linked properly.

                me+ME: Lo/Alter paper retracted by authors: Today's Nederlog, also with some
                musings on bullies,
    XMRV/MLV/HGRV/PMRV/XAND, satire and splitting an NL.
  • Dec 26:  me+ME: Sorting through some evidence about dr. Mikovits: I consider two bullies
                - one reason patients with ME cannot achieve much or anything is that they let
                themselves be bullied by persons who pretend having ME/CFS, which possibly they may
                have, but who are ignorant anonymous bullies whose mental health problems far predominate
                over their morality and rationality - and I also consider some evidence about dr. Mikovits:
                Honest mistake, deliberate fraud, mixed motives? 
  • Dec 25:  GW:  Two Xmas sermons on society: A bit by Hazlitt and a bit by Shaw, to
                help you through the saccharine tedium of the day.

  • Dec 24:  A bit about Nederlog and my sites: What the title says, plus a few links relating
                to XMRV/ME/CFS.
  • Dec 23:  Retraction update + Stapel update + Spiegeloog columns: Mostly documentation
                about the subjects in the title.
  • Dec 22:  me+ME: Science withdraws 2009 XMRV-paper: At last, Science's chief editor Alberts
                has had enough of it, and has withdrawn the whole paper because its - remaining -
                authors could not come to agree on wording that allowed them to retract it, and
                Mr Alberts seems to have felt he was being had. I give links and quotes and repeat
                myself for the benefit of intelligent patients.
  • Dec 21:  me+ME: More on St. Judy: There's more information on the saintly dr. Judy In Whom
                We Trust from several sources, and it doesn't promise well for her future or finances.
                I summarize what I found or was sent.
  • Dec 20:  me+ME: WPI vs Mikovits = 1 : 0 + ME-varia: Judy Mikovits Ph.D. lost the civil
                court case the WPI started against her after the lab books disappeared, and I
                clarify some minor ME-related problems.

    Nature on Mikovits + The Scientist on the mouse scandal + Dutch "democracy":
    What the title says, with some warnings for foreigners who might want to emigrate
                to Holland because of its supposed tolerance and freedoms: Wrong place, wrong time!

  • Dec 19:  The grim reaper's gatherings (Kim, Hitchens, Havel): Some about three men
                who recently died, with a relation to Marxism, and some on my own Marxist
  • Dec 17:  me+ME: Dr. Mikovits has a temporary job: Keeping up with the documentation
                about the events around dr. Mikovits and XMRV.
  • Dec 16:  All backgrounds in my Hobbes and Hume sections have been fixed.
                Two notes on Hume's Enquiry concerning Morals: What the title says.
                Both notes concern the relativity of morals, but probably not quite in the way
                the reader expects.

  • Dec 15:  All backgrounds in my Lao Tzu section, Aristotle section, Boetie section,
                Burckhardt section, Chamfort section and Descartes section have been fixed,
                and so have those in IndexME2008 (that had been wrongly fixed before).

                (See Things still to be done on my sites)

    me+ME: B12-protocol + US amendments + state terrorism: Nederlog
                about the subjects in the title.

  • Dec 13:  All backgrounds in my Leibniz-section have been fixed. And to show what the
                Leibniz-section is like, I quote a chapter in Nederlog: Leibniz and me on emotions.

  • Dec 12: Site updates + Seamonkey: All backgrounds in my Philosophical Dictionary have
                been fixed. And those in the Help section. (See
    Things still to be done on my sites)
  • Dec 11: Totalitarianism and Libertarianism (docu): Just some bits of interesting docu-
                mentation on the subjects in the title.
  • Dec 10: Recommended Reading: Marks of pseudoscience, fraud and bullshit: What
    the title says, and I mostly provide links.
  • Dec 9:    Up to the knees in woo: A bit about woo - what it is; what it is like; how it
                is criticized; and what to do about it if one is too smart or educated to be taken
                in by it. (Also instructive for people with ME/CFS or an interest in HGRV etc.)
  • Dec 8:    All backgrounds in the main directories of MEinAdam and its subdirectories
                VanTraa, CV, Nedernieuws, 2008ME, 2009ME and 2010ME have been fixed.
                There are more subdirectories to go. The progress is administrated here:
    Things still to be done on my sites.
    2010ME is new in the MEinAdam directories, but was copied from the Nederlog
  • Dec 7:     Update Nederlog: All backgrounds in Nederlog fixed: All backgrounds in ALL
                 Nederlog files from 2004 - 2011 (yes, I'm in the eighth years of writing it) have
                 been fixed (modulo a few mistakes).

                 Also repaired the index of Nederlog 2008, the first half year of which contained
                 improper links, that didn't work, since quite a while also. It should work again, now.

                 Why philosophy is important: This I had in Nederlog a little over two years
                 ago. It has been much downloaded, and is currently being much downloaded,
                 so in case you want to read something philosophical that is clear, short,
                 incisive, original and unlike academic philosophical prose, here is your chance.


  • Dec 6:     Various updates: Cain, Paul, Mikovits, Hooper, Mitchell, Stapel: About Herman
                 Cain's intelligence and failed ambitions; Judy Mikovits trials and tribulations; Rand
                 Paul's speeching; professor Hooper's refuting PACE Statistics; Tate Mitchell's
                 refuting PACE's methodology; and Diederik Stapel's analogies to Judy Mikovits, with
                 some remarks on psychology, philosophy and (scientific) morality and integrity.

  • Dec 5:     Crisis: Sixth Amendment in coma: A little about the Sixth Amendment to the
                 U.S. Constitution that the U.S. Senate holds must be ditched for the benefits of
                 interminable waterboarding without any judicial interference whatsoever, of course
                 only of people fit for it, U.S. or not, with an illustration from Holland, where the
                 citizens are not allowed to bear arms,  because that may undermine the power of the
                 mafia to deal drugs with help of the Dutch bureaucrats, police, politicians and judges,
                 just as it helped in WW II to gas more than 1% of the unarmed Dutch population,
                 for being "racially inferor", also with extensive proud willing help of the Dutch bureaucrats,
                 police, politicians and judges.

  • Dec 4:     GW: On faith + Mikovits as Woman Of The Year: A bit about faith, and about
                 the nomination of the always misjudging former lawyer Patricia Carter for Woman Of
                 The Year.

  • Dec 3:     me+ME: Bits and pieces relating to ME and XMRV: More about the subjects
                 of the title: Our Own Gerwyn and Our Own Doctor Judy have crafted A Model Of
                 The Disease I say a few things about (after an introduction no one should miss
    or disdain); having read most of the ERV-blog on XMRV, including the comments,
                  I quote some ERVian views of Our Doctor Judy's motives and sanity; followed
                  by a part of a love letter ERV received in mail from the WPI-IP; followed by
                  an answer to a classical Latin question that may clarify a lot for some, in
                  principle; and I end with an answer to the age old philosophical question
                  "How did it come to this?", with the help of Ms. Julie Rehmeijer and Slate.
                  In brief: Quite a few tasty bits.

  • Dec 1:     me+ME: Praying for Mindy and dr. Jamie: I am a bit satirical, but then
                 Ms Mindy and Ms Jamie risk many angry mails by Gerwynites, so I do a little
                 washing and laundering of these happy senders of mystical bright light all
                 across the globe, in prose, that may also be just a trifle satirical.


  • Nov 30:   me+ME: More on WPI vs Mikovits: Links and background about the news
                 that - to quote Science - "CFS Researcher Reportedly Surrendered to Nevada

  • Nov 29:   me+ME: Bright Mystical Lights and Geroupies: It turns out - if you can
                  believe it - that the Blessed Gerwynites on the new forum for the guru of
                  virological science have saved St. Judy, by mystically infusing the court
                  room in Ventura, Calif. with Bright Light! The blessed Gerwyn Himself,
                  proudly surrounded by his male and female choirboys and choirgals,
                  testifies it works, so - clearly, evidently, indubitably and certainly - it must
                  be true and further proof is unnecessary. I report and document, and also
                  come to speak briefly of professor Racaniello on science in the US, who
                  admittedly is not of Gerwyn's intellectual and moral attainments, or vice
                  versa, if you didn't quite get that. Have fun!
  • Nov 28:   Things still to be done on my sites: A To Do List of some of the things I need/
                  want/hope to do with/for/on my sites, if I have/get some health and energy.
  • Nov 27:    me+ME: Varia - crisis, sickness, ERV: As the title says, various subjects: I
                  briefly comment on the morons and goats the GOP deems fit to be presidential
                  candidates in the US; on some of the sickness that appears on some blogs
                  on which Anonymous persons cowardly and meanly slander others covered by
                  anonymity; and on an aspect of ERV that I had so far missed, but that may
                  convince quite a few, if not for the most rational of reasons.
  • Nov 25:    me+ME: "That's Our Judy!": A few of the more cognitive dissonant sounding
                  bits about Our Judy. "If it wouldn't be so sad, it would be quite funny."

  • Nov 24:    I forgot to upload yesterday's NL to the Danish site. I did upload to the Dutch
                  site, but now to both. And now there is ME: WPI vs Mikovits - documents
                      in the case: update.
    This continues yesterday's piece, indeed with a few
                  updates, and a link to professor Racaniello's virology site (and other links).

  • Nov 23:    ME: WPI vs Mikovits - documents in the case: Just what the title says: Links
                  to legal documents showing much more about dr. Mikovits many culpable doings
                  and ommissions, and to discussions relating to on on Phoenix Rising, and with
                  links to the new site of the Church of HMRV, and also to ERV's blog, which has
                  some sensible texts by Ms. Smith, much maligned in some churches, but a real
                  scientist. Also, it seems that the WPI the last seven weeks have been trying to
                  do the right things, against much uninformed opposition by misled patients.
  • Nov 22:    me+ME: The XMRV-connection: Back to things related to ME/CFS. There probably
                  will be more today, but this is a start: Two recent papers adding to considerable
                  nails to the coffin of XMRV, and indeed one co-authored by dr. Coffin. More:
                  ME: Margaret Williams + professor Hooper: A piece by Margaret Williams and
                  a letter by no less than Lord Freud to professor Hooper.
    ME: Dr. Mikovits and co-worker implicated in theft: It seems dr. Mikovits and
                  co-worker did steal the WPI's lab books and other materials - or so Cort Johnson
                  writes on Phoenix Rising.
  • Nov 21:    Good 20th C philosophy books: I decided to change the subject, for a day at least,
                  and turned to good philosophical books.
  • Nov 20:    me+ME: Dr. Mikovits arrested - 2: More on the subject of the title. The short of
                  it is: Patients without M.A. or Ph.D. degrees must shut up about science, where
                  they do no good, cannot do any good, and only succeed in frightening away
                  scientists who might be willing and are capable of researching their disease.
  • Nov 19:    me+ME: Dr. Mikovits arrested:  As the title says, dr. Mikovits was arrested
                  yesterday, it seems - but this is not certain - because she left Nevada without
                  judicial permission, given the complaints and injunction of the WPI.

  • Nov 17:    GW: On ignorance: Another quite useful and clear definition, that may teach the
                  the gifted much, and the ungifted possibly also. Also, a bit later in the day:
                  me+ME: Hillary Johnson on Whittemore vs Mikovits: Hillary Johnson wrote an
                  interesting and clear piece on her site on the conflict between the WPI and dr.
                  Mikovits, and I comment some.

  • Nov 16:    GW: On reason, judgment and wisdom: Some fairly clear definitions. Also, I am
                  reformatting the Nederlogs of  this year to have the blue background properly displayed
                  and I am categorizing the entries, and indeed also rereading what I wrote,
                  which is one reason to quote my Philosophical Dictionary today: Easier.

                  I will not keep a record of what has been reformatted/corrected in this year's Nederlog
                  and indeed I have done some correcting too, of typos, mostly, but will note in this file
                  when I have done all of them:

                  I did the reformatting of the backgrounds of this year, and corrected some typos,
                  but certainly not all.
  • Nov 15:    me+ME: WPI vs Mikovits in court:  The WPI started a courtcase on Nov 4 to
                  get hold of laboratorybooks, a PC and a flashdrive that it seems Annette Whittemore
                  believes have been taken by or are in the possession of dr. Mikovits. I write a little
                  about that, and considerably more about the telephathic gifts of many anonymous
                  "patients" and patients, who all - as in the case of XMRV - are quite certain they
                  KNOW what is the truth, whereas at least nearly all - as in the case of XMRV - 
                  do not even know science and certainly don't know more than I do about the
                  events in Reno, Nevada. Related but standing on its own is:
    GW: Bertrand Russell's Liberal Decalogue: Just what it says: Ten Commandments
                  as Russell would have liked to teach.
  • Nov 13:    Computing and JavaScript: About computing and the programming language
                  JavaScript, with links to some interesting videos with lectures by Douglas
                  Crockford, but very probably not for you if you are not interested in the subject.
  • Nov 12:    Crisis:  The legal corruption in the US and Europe: About an interesting item
                  on US TV, that goes far towards explaining why the legislation adopted in the US
                  and Europe stinks, and is very profitable for the rich few: Your parliamentarians
                  run for office so as to get bought by corporations.
  • Nov 11:    me + ME:  St. Maarten - my site(s) exist 15 years: Well, another landmark
                  reached, as the phrase is. And what the title says is true only for the Dutch one,
                  but then, as sites go, 15 years is quite a long time.
  • Nov 10:   Comments 67-95 on William James: "The Will to Believe": The last part of my
                 notes to William James's essay, first version. See Nov 8 for more.

  • Nov 9:     Comments 35-66 on William James: "The Will to Believe":  The second third
                 of my notes to William James's essay, first version. See yesterday for more.

  • Nov 8:     Comments 0-34 on William James: "The Will to Believe": The first third
                 of my comments to William James's essay, first version. You ought to be interested,
                 if you are interested in believing things on the basis of rational argument, but
                 then I am rational enough to know few really are thus interested, and rather
                 believe as they wish.
    "If we believe absurdities,  we shall commit atrocities" as
                 Voltaire said, but then believing what we want and doing what we please are
                 very human, and may be personally profitable as well, in some situations...

  • Nov 7:     Reorienting Nederlog and my sites: It is likely I am going to write more on
                 other things than ME in Nederlog and on my sites than I did the last two years.
                 I explain why, to some extent.

  • Nov 5:     On social psychologists on the origins of evil: More on social psychology and
                 social psuchologists, though not in conntection with social psychologist
                 Stapel, but in connection with explaining the Holocaust, which I am cynical
                 enough to assume social psychologists want research subsidies to "research",
                 and about which I have thought rather a lot, but am not allowed to teach in
                 Holland, because I am uncommonly honest and bright, I must assume. (Explanations
                 in the links in the text.)

  • Nov 4:     Some bits about Stapel, science, "science" and fraud in science: Just what
                 the title says and including a link to the English translation of the Dutch report
                 (interim) on Stapel's fraud.

  • Nov 3:     The excellence of Dutch science & psychology: Diederik Stapel - 3: Again a
                 follow-up, but probably the last for the moment in the series. This contains some
                 more about Stapel's present whereabouts; about why he did commit fraud; and
                 about a New York Time article that quite reasonably raised the question what
                 can be done against fraud in the social sciences (where it is easier to do and
                 get away with than in the physical sciences).

  • Nov 2:     The excellence of Dutch science & psychology: Diederik Stapel - 2: A follow up
                 of yesterday, not that Nature, Science and other non-Dutch journals are reporting
                 the news on professor Stapel's approach to the science of psychology.

                 I have also removed the link to BitsAndPieces from the opening page, because
                 I did not add to it for two years now.

  • Nov 1:     The excellence of Dutch science & psychology: Diederik Stapel: Mr. Stapel was
                 until three weeks ago "an excellent Dutch scientist in the science of social
                 psychology", who has now been found out to be a major fraud. One reason for me
                 to write about it is that his almost equally corrupt colleagues are busy pretending
                 he is the only one to blame, and they, by contrast, are dedicated, honest, real
                 scientists. Not so, but the stinking truth will be difficult to understand for foreigners,
                 because the Dutch university-system has been thoroughly corrupt since 1971,
                 when the universities were, by law, "democratized" to be run on the model of
                 the Sorbonne in May 1968: By plenary meetings with one man, one vote for all.


  • Oct 31:   I only corrected some typos and realized I made quite a few the last days, at least,
                 which shows that I am not well. This also is the reason there is no Nederlog today.

  • Oct 30:   And a stiff dosis of - satirical - realism: This continues - in a way - yesterday's
                 Nederlog, with a bit of George Orwell with a few introductory and concluding
                 comments by me and various interesting links.

                 I also straightened out the format of this index a bit, though I should make a better
                 version, using tables. (I suppose, in view of my mostly missing held that this will have
                 to wait till the end of the year.)


  • Oct 29:   And now for a stiff dosis of - statistical - optimism: This is mostly about the
                 human world and history at large, when considered statistically, as to its tendencies
                 for violence or free cooperation, as discussed by the Harvard professor of psychology
                 Steven Pinker in a recent lecture, with links, quotations and comments.

  • Oct 28:   me+ME: News from Annette W. and from Judy M.: There was an interview on
                 TV with Mrs. Whittemore, and a letter from - it is said - dr. Mikovits's husband to
                 the world. I comment some on both.

  • Oct 25:   And more on the DSM-5 + dr. Allen Frances: This is about the DSM-5 and
                 dr. Frances' criticisms of it - which are quite good and quite relevant, since dr.
                 Frances was the chief editor of the DSM-IV. I quote quite a bit by him, simply
                 because it seems important and true, and because he is a man who in this
                 context ought to be read. And while he and I probably don't agree about psychiatry,
                 I do think it's admirable that he has stood up and protested, and does it cogently and
                 in clear English. And it is important he is read. Also added texts of McCulloch and
                 Frances to the DSM-5 section of my ME-Resources.

  • Oct 24:   Varia: More on the DSM-5 etc. + More quotes: A bit more on the DSM-5 and
                 a somewhat improved quotation-program in JavaScript, now with 571 quotes.

  • Oct 23:   Made a few corrections and added a few links to yesterday's Nederlog, and
                 also uploaded some more in the Wittgenstein section (still not finished, and
                 anyway only for those who are not faint of heart).

  • Oct 22:   Varia: ERV vs Benson + A site on Ross Ashby: Just a brief Nederlog about
                 the ERV site which had a surprise find for me + about a good site about Ross
                 Ashby who was, like McCulloch, that approximation of an oxymoron: A rational
                 psychiatrist, and indeed, like McCulloch, one of the first cyberneticians.

  • Oct 20:   me+ME: More on the demise of XMRV - 2: Some reflections and links relating
                 to the title.


  • Oct 19:   More about Multatuli - 2: What the title says - straightened out and reformatted
                 my notes to Multatuli's Ideas. Here is the main index: Index All Excerpts. Alas, only
                 readers of Dutch can enjoy it. Some more has to be done to finish it all, but most
                 has been done, and I postpone the rest to a later date with more health.            


  • Oct 18:   More about Multatuli: To change the subject, indeed more about Multatuli:
                 I straightened out some of my own notes in excerpt, and straightened out
                 some formatting, and uploaded all of the section anew, since I seemed to
                 have not done so in two years, except for the parts I added.

                 There's more to do here, but this is a step in the right direction.

  • Oct 16:   me+ME: More on the demise of XMRV: This is mostly to round off the
                 argument by providing links to evidence with some comments by me.

                 There also is a little more about Wittgenstein's Tractatus, but that also still
                 - roughly: since 1968! - is a WIP (Work In Progress), so one shouldn't try
                 to hold one's breath till I've finished it all. (I do as I can, not as I want.)

                 And there is an essay by me on "Degrees of belief and probabilities" in
                 production (mathematical/logical and nothing to do with XMRV, but a lot
                 to do with rational thinking, Bayesian reasoning and evidence). One shouldn't
                 hold one's breath for this either, but it is quite probable (!) it will be uploaded
                 and done before I've done with my comments on the Tractatus.


  • Oct 14:   me+ME: Mostly about dr. Mikovits: I consider a recent mail and a recent
                 talk by dr. Mikovits, and also mention an interesting post on PR-F (but this is
                 not the text I mentioned yesterday).

  • Oct 13:   me+ME: The no sleep - pain vicious circle: What the title says - here is all of
    Nederlog for today:

                 I am once more caught in the vicious circle of too much pain to be able to sleep
                 (more than 4 hours or so) and too little sleep to get less pain. Been here before,
                 since 33 years, so it's not necessarily terminal, but it is quite unpleasant.

                 Hopefully I get some sleep tonight, and there may be more tomorrow, for I did write
                 some, but am not fit enough to finish it today.

  • Oct 11:   me+ME: Just a few relevant links for those who can think: What the title says.

  • Oct 9:     No Nederlog today, but a few small corrections in that of yesterday.

  • Oct 8:     me+ME: Two years of XMRV + recent personal e-mails: Persons who know science
                 and philosophy and have degrees in it are not loved on patients-forums, and indeed
                 find it impossible to be honest and rational there, to write something sensible about
                 science there: Immediately, lots of anonymous types will protest, to the effect that
                 their pet prejudice is not treated With Respect, and since the moderators tend to belong
                 to the same kind this may go on forever. So this Nederlog is the sort of thing a man like
                 me couldn't possibly write for forums with ME-patients, for the plain reason that I belong
                 to the small minority that did get his degrees while ill and who does know science. Clearly
                 unfit for patient forums, I found. Ah well.

  • Oct 6:     Martin Gardner video: I got a bit fed up with much of the nonsense that "my fellow
                 patients" utter forth, as if anyone has the right or duty to have uninformed opinions
                 about everything, so I take a pause in reporting on the exit of XMRV. Then again
                 rather a lot of what I read today and yesterday (and before that) reminded me of
                 Martin Gardner's fine books, and having gotten that in my head I found a very
                 nice video about him and quite a few of his mathematical and magician friends.

  • Oct 5:     me+ME: Patricia Carter explains everything!: Or perhaps more fairly or clearly:
                 She thinks she does, and I don't, and offer some advice. Also in the text, another
                 leader of "our community" (I tend to disbelieve in "communities", and to believe in
                 individual persons, but that's an aside, from an individual person) with an idea
                 namely Cort Johnson, and some links relating to yesterday's theme.

  • Oct 4:    me+ME: It's quite a MEss!: This continues yesterday's news, and indeed it is
                on the moment quite a MEss in ME-land. I give some links and quotations.

  • Oct 3:    me+ME: Exit dr. Mikovits?: It's 2 years minus 5 days since I first heard about
                the Science article that asserted a correlation between ME/CFS and XMRV. It now
                seems to have unraveled, and it would seem that dr. Mikovits is leaving WPI,
                although at the time of writing this is unclear and has only one source, but that
                is a close one. Update later on Oct 3: Dr. Mikovits was dismissed by the WPI.


  • Oct 2:    me+ME: A little more about forums and XMRV (etc): More of the same as
                yesterday, mostly for clarity's sake.

  • Oct 1:    me+ME: Forums, patients, scientists: Back to ME, with an exposition
                on forums, patients and scientists, indeed, and some relevant quotes and links.


  • Sep 30: Multatuli's Walter Pieterse (Eng) on line : What the title says: I got a 0-version
                of all of Multatuli's
    Walter Pieterse (English) on line, and updated
                New on site in philosophy file, since it is a part of the Philosophy section.
  • Sep 29: Multatuli's Minnebrieven on line + philosophy + personal: And yet more of the
                same 0-th version Minnebrieven (Dutch) is on line.
                Note it needs more corrections, but I need more health to be able to do them today.
                Then again, this is something I wanted to see on my site since a long time, so I
                am glad at least the 0-th version is there, at long last, ready for correcting and
                commenting, for indeed one reason to have it on my site is to be able to comment
                on it - indeed, as with everything in the section Philosophy on my site: It generally
                is there because I like it, like others to read it, and like myself to comment on it.
                It needs some reformatting and some - as is - will not display well in MS IE.

                Also updated the New on site in philosophy file.
  • Sep 28: And more of the same as yesterday: I am at page 150 of Minnebrieven (Dutch)
                - but this is the construction of the 0-th version, and there are 24 more pages
                to go and some to correct before the 0-th version has been done.
  • Sep 27: More of the same as yesterday: In fact I redid what was there and extended
                it some. Minnebrieven (Dutch) now is at page 100 and
    Walter Pieterse (English)
                at chapter XX.
  • Sep 26: More Multatuli | Meer Multatuli : English & Dutch: What it says - I put more
                Multatuli on my site, both in English and in Dutch. Both are ongoing projects,
                but this I like doing, and indeed there already is a lot of Multatuli on my site -
                that also is, I am pleased to remark, quite well read, by readers of Dutch.
                English readers can now also find out why I consider Multatuli a great writer
                since it turned out that (i) a really fine translation of part of one of his finest
                books was published in New York in 1904, and (ii) Project Gutenberg converted it
                to fine html:
    Walter Pieterse (last named pronounced like Peterse in English).
  • Sep 25: No Nederlog today, but I did add some small corrections to the last two Nederlogs.
                Also - surprise, surprise - I uploaded something in Dutch, namely the first 25
                pages of Multatuli's Minnebrieven. No comments yet, and almost 150 pages to go,
                but it is something - and yes, I hope to get a version with my comments done too.
                (This is the beginning of the first or zeroth version, so I expect it will change.)
  • Sep 24: Exit XMRV? On Science article "False Posi±ive" and other articles: More on the
                Science article mentioned yesterday, with quotes and comments, and with some
                other good articles before it, and very fine one by Margaret Williams after it.
  • Sep 23:  Exit XMRV? Science article "False Posi±ive": More on XMRV and ME/CFS,
                in a large Science article of today, with some more links and comments, all
                continuing yesterday's story.
  • Sep 22:  Exit XMRV?: Today was published evidence that the hypothesis that XMRV
                is the cause or part of the cause of ME/CFS is in serious trouble: Two of its
                authors have withdrawn part of earlier work, and a number of the main
                authors have participated in just published work that shows that XMRV is
                more difficult to establish than they believed.
  • Sep 20:  I only made some corrections of typos in Nederlogs of August and September:
                No changes of intentions, but undoing typos and errors due mostly to being
                exhausted with ME.
  • Sep 19:  A better society: Two ideas of mine that - I think - will help to bring about and
                maintain a better society, offered without dogmaticality and also without hope of
                ever seeing anything like it ever practised in my life.
  • Sep 17:  Probability and Harold Jeffreys: Quite a few fine links in case you are interested
                in the subjects in the title, or indeed in mathematics, Bayesian Reasoning, Scientific
                Inference or philosophy of science, and with a brief moral sermon on the dangerous
                fraud Wessely and his pseudoscience.
  • Sep 16:  me+ME: Good news - money for biomedical research into ME!: What the title
                says: Something called the Hutchins Family Foundation is providing over $ 10 million
                for what sounds like very sensible research into ME, with some major biomedical
                scientists involved.
                Also corrected some typos and unclarities and inserted quite a few links in
                yesterday's Nederlog:
  • Sep 15:  The plague of postmodernism: I found a good essay by Ms. Susan Haack about
                the subject, and quote and comment part of it. (Postmodern academics will assure
                you, with a serious face, that I am "exaggerating". No, the damage has been done,
                and is beyond repair without major upheaval: The hundredth raters now are
                academically educated, proud of it, and willing and able to falsify or destroy almost
                all rational honest debate, in the name of what they call "(evidence-based) science"
                that is mostly political or bureaucratic travesty of real science.
  • Sep 13:  More Russell + How I write: The introduction by Russell to Wittgenstein's Tractatus
                has at long last been finished, proofread and supplied with clarifying links, and I also
                wrote a little on how I write, and why it takes so long to finish longer subjects.

  • Sep 12:  More Wittgenstein + more Russell: A bit more on Wittgenstein, and - at long
                last - the first version of my comments on Russell's introduction to Wittgenstein's
                Tractatus, in one file, with Russell's original text.
  • Sep 11:  More Wittgenstein + updated directories: I realized I had not uploaded
                quite a few additions to my comments on Wittgenstein's Tractatus that I had
                done by April 2011, and uploaded this today, and also uploaded some other changes
                I should have made and uploaded before, such as concerning Peirce and the
                directories on the site.
  • Sep 10:  Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg died: On what the title says,
                because I like Project Gutenberg a lot, and found it very useful - with links to
                the Project, materials about its founder, and some links to some classics in
                the Project.
  • Sep 9:    No ordinary genius" (Richard Feynman): This is the title of a fine long video - over
                1 1/2 hour - about and with Richard Feynman, I think I hadn't seen before in this form,
                also with a link to the first part of Feynman's filmed black and white lectures on "The
                Character of Physical Law".
  • Sep 8:    Browsers and security: There is a major security leak that arose in Holland, where
                a security firm used and trusted by the Dutch government hot hacked, probably by
                Iranian hackers, and also tried to keep that secret. I give some background and
                reflect a little on the Dutch moral ideal of being a moron who is proud of being a moron
                since intelligent folks are elitarian, and elitarian folks are fascists (think millions of
                Dutch morons, as they also learned in school and university, for four decades now).
                And added
    Crisis: Why it is difficult to improve things for the better on the
  • Sep 7:    William James: "The Will to Believe" (original text, no comments):  What the
                title says, with an intro and an outro by me , and as the first step to a series of
                comments on this morally quite reprehensible text.
  • Sep 6:    Movies and movie stars: An excursion into popular culture, with  special
                attention to Katherine Hepburn.
  • Sep 4:    More about evil genes and politics:   A continuation of yesterday's theme, with
                some interesting book references and precisifications.

  • Sep 3:    About "Evil Genes"A review of a review of a book I haven't read, but that
                sounds well worth reading, with some applications to politics, religion and

  • Sep 2:    Corrected some typos, some scanner errors and inserted some links in yesterday's
                Nederlog. And added
    me+ME: I'll probably write less about ME/CFS. (Summa:
                Because this seems to help no one, interest very few, while keeping me from
                doing the things I am really good at.)

  • Sep 1:     C.S. Peirce: A theory of probable inference: The text in my html-edition (with
                 quite a few graphics for the more mathematical bits) of an excellent text by
                 Peirce on the subject, with an excellent appendix on his logic of relations. The
                 present version needs probably a bit more editing, and will end up in the
                 Philosophy and Logic sections when done, but is good enough for the moment
                 to show anyone why Peirce is a great philosopher and logician.


  •    Aug 31:  Uploaded the index of Nederlog I should have uploaded yesterday.
  •    Aug 30:  me+ME: Professor Hooper's reply to Wessely's latest SM-campaign: Text
                   by professor Hooper, on what I am pleased to call Wessely's latest SM-campaign -
                   and see Back to the Middle Ages with professor Simon Wessely and Studies
                       in MEdical Sadism - 7: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues
                   Studies in MEdical Sadism - 7: Professor Simon Wessely's many
                       mental issues (P.S.).

    Also today:
    me+ME: Still PEM-ed + some about James and Peirce: A little
                  on being PEM-ed and some about William James and Charles Peirce.
  •    Aug 27:  me+ME: PEM-ed: About being PEM'ed, what it means (being PENEd, you see)
                   with some links to useful sites. Also with a little on the philosophies of mind and
                   of science that are both hardly known by nearly all medical scientists - or so
                   it is in my experience and reading.
  •    Aug 25:  Crisis: On some of the roots of the crisis:  Indeed a deep topic, handled
                   in my own way. Neither complete nor definite, but it should help some to reason
                   a bit more clearly, at least - or so one hopes. ("The power of instruction is
                   seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost
                   superfluous." - Gibbon.) Also updated "Ordinary men" in the Philosophical Dictionary.
  •    Aug 24:  Distracted from something else I was writing for the site, instead I write
                   about Professor Rummel's website about democide and genocide that
                   I may return to, as it is quite interesting in re man's inhumanity to man
                   and how this may be rationally explained.
  •    Aug 23:  me+ME: My present B12 protocol - 2: An update with more links and a few
                   changes. Useful if you use the protocol, because I provide links to many
                   Wikipedia files with backgrounds on supplements.

                   Also added some to the last note in
    A bit more on psychiatry - Niall McLaren.
  •    Aug 22:  Made some clarifying corrections and added some links to yesterday's Nederlog.
  •    Aug 21:  A bit more on psychiatry - Niall McLaren -2: I extract and discuss a number
                   of interesting points from a paper by McLaren.
  •    Aug 20: A bit more on psychiatry - Niall McLaren: This is mostly a sort of postscript
                  to yesterday's Nederlog, and gives some information about an interesting
                  Australian psychiatrist (I didn't know about until today).
  •    Aug 19: On confusions and misunderstandings concerning the DSM-5: An explanation
                  of some of the confusions and misunderstandings that make the DSM-5 (and DSM
                  IV and III, and psychiatry and psychology in general) so often misjudged.

  •    Aug 18: Mozilla Browsers: Just that, since there are new versions of both Firefox and
                   SeaMonkey as of yesterday, I provide all necessary download links for both
                   and the links for six excellent AddOns for both: Help yourself!

  •    Aug 17:  Crisis: Will Rogers: On an American humorist who died in 1935 and his
                   opinions about the crisis of his days, with footage from 1931 and a handful
                   of nice quotations.
  •    Aug 16:  Crisis: Warren Buffett agrees: More taxes on the US rich: On an article by
                   Warren Buffett in the New York Times, with a note on the many excellencies of
                   of professor Wessely and the whorenalistic sisterhood that sings his praise, much
                   beyond their level of abilities and education.

  •    Aug 15:  Made some corrections and clarifications and added some links in yesterday's Nederlog
                   And there is a new NL: me+ME: Professor Hooper responds to the BBC, with
                   quotation and some comments.
  •    Aug 14:  "O for a muse of fire!": The quotation is the start of Henry V, to which
                   Shakespearean play I provide a link, with some comments, as I do for
                   quite a few other items I found on Youtube.


  •    Aug 12:  No Nederlog today, but some corrections to yesterday's Nederlog, with
                   an extended note on torture. I was yesterday forced to write with a failing
                   keyboard, and then could not properly correct what I had written.

  •    Aug 11:  Crisis: The audacity of nope: A little more abo/t Obama, also with
                   interesting links to videos featuring Bill Maher and Jesse Ventura.

  •    Aug 10:  Crisis: "What happened to Obama?": Links about and discussion of an
                   interesting piece in the New York Times:
    "What happened to Obama?".

  •      Aug 8:  No Nederlog today (still planning to mostly holiday until Aug 15), but a
                   a small update of
    Quotations (now in the Philosophical Dictionary),

  •      Aug 7:  Crisis: "Yes, we can!": The stock markets collapsed again, so I am indulging
                  in some general explanations, with links. 


  •      Aug 6:  Just a bit more on Quotations and JavaScript: What the title says - the
    Quotations are now in the Philosophical Dictionary and I say a little about
                   it's intended use (for oneself, on one's own computer, rather than as "a web app")
                   and I also give links to tutorials, videos and books about JavaScript. 

  •      Aug 5:  Crisis: Quotations and crisisA slightly improved and extended quotations
                   server, now also in the Philosophical Dictionary here: Quotations. The
                   Nederlog is the last in the series Crisis, seeing the stock exchanges go down,
                   this time without any hope to bail out the banks or bank managers.

  •      Aug 4:  Quotations: I resurfaced briefly, since I am still in holiday mood & mode, but
                   today's Nederlog contains a Quotations-server I wrote in Javascript. I tested it
                   in Firefox, Seamonkey and MS IE and it should work unless you have your
                   browser switched off for Javascript or you use Noscript, as I normally do.
                   All of the quotes and code are in the file Quotations and also should work
                   if you download it and start it from your harddisk. Enjoy!


  •      Jul  31:  Telling the truth like it is...: As a sort of supplement to and comment on
                    yesterday's last Nederlog some links to parts of shows and interviews with
                        George Carlin.
    There may be no Nederlog the coming 2 weeks, but I don't
                    know: Wait and see.

  •      Jul  30:  me+ME: Excellent letter by professor Hooper to the BMJ: Quoted and with a
                    few comments by me. Plus:
                        me+ME: Wessely; Dr Myhill and the GMC + What about ME?

                        with some on purported 'death threats' against Simon Wessely, or so Simon
                    Wessely claims, and real death threats to me nobody took interest in, for
                    that would lead to problems with the drugs-corrupt mayors of Amsterdam
                    and the very dangerous Amsterdam drugs mafia, and some more on Dr
                    Myhill and a good film about ME.

  •      Jul  28:  me+ME: XMRV, scientific publishing and the name for ME: Two German
                    retrovirologists - it seems - seem to know all about how patients with ME
                    should behave, but to see nothing in the treatment of and writing about
                    patients with ME that shocks them, and I am reminded of the lessons of
                    history; some on scientific publishing; and some on what "ME" is to be called.


  •      Jul  27:  On some of Rochefoucauld's maxims: What the title says, reproduced from
                    the original from the previous millenium and century, with links added today to
    my Philosophical Dictionary.

  •      Jul  26: me+ME: Good news about Dr Myhill + On versions of CCC and ICCC: Dr Myhill is - at
                   long last - free to practice medicine again, which is good news, and I provide an
                   overview of and links to variant versions of both the CCC and the ICC, with links to
                   what seem to me to be the best versions.

    I also made corrections today in and added links to:
                       me+ME: Good news - International Consensus Criteria for ME published-1
    me+ME: Good news - International Consensus Criteria for ME published-2


  •      Jul  24: Corrected yesterday's Nederlog. And there is not a brief follow-up: me+ME: Good news -
                       International Consensus Criteria for ME published-3


  •      Jul  23: me+ME: Good news - International Consensus Criteria for ME published-2
    This is the follow up of yesterday, and includes my notes to the ICC for ME and
                   a brief reaction to its publication by professor Malcolm Hooper & Margaret Williams.


  •      Jul  22: me+ME: Good news - International Consensus Criteria for ME published-1
    There is a new version of what were the Canadian Consensus Criteria for ME
                   of 2003, now with several of the original authors, and now with 26 authors
                   from 13 countries. It is quite good, and I quote most of it, and provide links to
                   all of it. The appended "-1" to the titel is to signify that there will be a second
                   installment, with the text of my 70 notes to the ICC for ME.

  •      Jul  20:  me+ME: More about the DSM-5 and psychiatry: Another quoted contribition
                    by a patient with ME to the DSM-editors, and some interesting related materials
                    including a restatement of Joseph Heller on Catch-22, Samuel Butler on the
                    treatment of the ill, and a link to an interesting site I found looking for
                    materials to explain psychiatry to its victims without a degree in medicine,
                    psychology and logic.
                    In case you were hell bend on missing the Heller-rewrite (as professor Wessely
                    seems to search this site as well) here it is:

  "There was only one catch and that was the DSM-5, which specified that a concern for one's health in the face of illness was the process of an irrational mind. One was ill with ME and could be helped. All one had to do was ask the health-authorities for help; and as soon as one did, one would be called crazy and would not be entitled to help. One would be declared crazy if one said one was ill with ME and needed help, and would be declared sane if one didn't, but if one were declared sane one would get no help while being ill. If one asked for help while ill one was declared crazy; but if one didn't ask for help one was considered sane and denied help for that reason."
   -- After Joseph Heller

  •      Jul  19:  A note on probability and confirmation: This is a solution of a problem of
                    confirmation that I do not know that anyone else saw. If this does not sound
                    too interesting: It is related to how one learns from experience, and deals
                    with the probabilities of many theories. (If that sounds not too interesting either
                    I give up.)


  •      Jul  17:  me+ME: More on the DSM-5: What the title says, with a quoted submission
                    and some relevant links.


  •      Jul  15:  me+ME: My present B12 protocol: The protocol I am using now, with prices,
                    suppliers, dosages, links to Wikipedia and notes and guidelines.

  •      Jul  14:  More Hazlitt: Table-Talk Volume II: As three days ago, just what the title
                    says: Table-Talk Volume II, and therewith all of Hazzlitt's Table-Talk on my site.
                    Also updated the Map and Directories of the site.

  •      Jul  13:  The first 10 essays in my edition of Hazlitt's Table-Talk volume 1 now have links,
                     mostly to Wikipedia entries, to clarify background and names.


  •      Jul  12:  GW: On humanity and humaneness: Another item in the series of quotes,
                    this time with quotations on a theme by Montefiore, Browning and De la Boétie.
                    (Also related to Is history good for you? and
    On power, freedom, good and evil and

  •      Jul  11:  More Hazlitt: Table-Talk Volume I: Just what the title says, so suddenly
                    there is all of Table-Talk volume 1 to enjoy on my site.


  •      Jul  10:  Again more Bayle: Indeed. (Tomorrow another subject, or nothing.)

  •      Jul  9:    More Bayle: Rejoice, ye millions pining for more Bayle!

  •      Jul  8:    Is history good for you?: Yet another burning question, in a file with
                    rather a lot of quite interesting links.

  •      Jul  7:    Is satire good for you?: Another burning question you might want to know
                    more about... and I found a nice BBC 4 series which discusses, among other
                    things, that question, in a recent series by David Frost, with some extra links
                    by me.


  •      Jul  6:    Is religion good for you?: Links to a series of videos by Bill Maher on religion,
                    with more links to related matters and issues. 

  •      Jul  4:    Added some corrections and links to my notes 1 and to Zeitlin on Hazlitt. And
                    me+ME: Dr. Komaroff+EEGs; Dr. Peterson's organization; "ME" vs "CFS":
                    Dr. Komaroff + team have found a way of diagnosing ME/CFS with the help of
                    EEGs; Dr. Peterson started a new organization; on the names for ME/CFS.


  •      Jul  3:    me+ME: Varia - Dr. Nathan, Norway & ME, Dr. King and the (ex-)Klan:
    Different items about the methylation protocol; a recent change for the better
                     in the Norwegian government's stance to persons with ME/CFS; a link to
                     Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. meeting the press; and a funny and fair interview
                     with a former leader of the KKK.

  •      Jul  2:     me+ME: Site news and browser news: Nothing spectacular: Some files users
                     can't reach; a new url for my Dutch site; and some about Firefox 5.0 and
                     SeaMonkey 2.0.14, that's also a much better browser than MS IE, and has some
                     nice extras too, including a good WYSIWYG html-editor.

  •      Jul  1:      Made some additions and corrections to yesterday's NL.


  •     May 31:  me+ME: More on XMRV - Science paper to be retracted?: This is my reaction to
              the news that the editors of Science are trying to move Dr. Mikovits to retract her and
              Dr. Lombardi's paper that Science published in 2009.

  •     May 29:  me+ME: Improved formatting of Nederlog - 3: Another issue on the subject,
               with illustrations, that show some of the difficulties. And something more interesting and
               less frustrating:
    From Gibbon's "Memoirs of my life" - 1 - quotations + comments, in
               what promises to become a (mini-)series.   
  •     May 27:  me+ME: Russell Tribunal on Psychiatry: The Accusation made on the
               International Russell Tribunal in 2001 against psychiatry: Relevant stuff in these days
               the DSM-5 is approaching as
    the Malleus Maleficarum of the 21st century.
  •     May 26: me: Improved formatting of Nederlog - 2 : What the title says and actually for
              the most part the same as May 24, but this time minus 25% html-formatting.
  •     May 25: Psychiatric Sadism Disorder - definition + examples : A scientific definition,
               minimally 95% APA-correct psychiatric prose of the infamous - and by
               psychiatrists in all possible styles
    denied - main occupational disease of psychiatrists.
  •     May 24: me: Improved formatting of Nederlog: What the title says - I changed the
               formatting of Nederlog a bit, and explain briefly what and why.

  •     May 23: Changed the backgrounds to "fixed" in Nederlog for the month of May: It should work
               now in both Firefox and MS IE (but I don't want to use MS IE anymore). It has not been
               rectified elsewhere on the site yet.
  •      May 22: Hofstra University honors the Dutch protector of the Dutch drugs mafia: I never
               heard of Hofstra University, but they gave former Dutch PM Balkenende a doctorate, for
               honour's sake. I hope they did not know what they did, as I kindly explain.

  •       May 20: me+ME: Varia - Firefox, KompoZer, JavaScript, DSM-5+ICD-11 :  What  the  title
  •       May 18: On the sham called "Facebook" - P.S. : I explain a few things, and correct a mistake I
               made, and also: More on XMRV (and viruses): On an article in and an interesting chat with
               professor Racaniello in the Chicago Tribune.
  •       May 17: GW: On power, freedom, good and evil and bureaucracy  : More words of wisdom,
               on the subjects in the title, and in Norwegian (that I translate), because I felt like it.
  •       May 16: On the sham called "Facebook": What the title says, with some information that fond
              Facebook users may not know, or indeed care to know. You should, I think, which is why I
              wrote it, with some help from articles in The Guardian and on the Free Software Foundation.
              As to Free Software: Another day without Frontpage and with KompoZer. Phew! Nice!

  •       May 15:   On Feynman and "Genius": Some strange problems and puzzles relating to a very well
              regarded biography of Richard Feynman, and the first Nederlog written in KompoZer - free
              software and a very pleasant html-editor.

  • May 14: me+ME: ** This site is best seen in Firefox  ** - P.S: I had to undo this, because it doesn't work on some computers and lack the health and have too much pain to sort it out.

  • May 13: **    This site is best seen in Firefox    **: Feeling a bit better I tried to make some very simple changes to my site, that should be a piece of cake, but are not, as Microsoft makes this extremely difficult. I give up on this, and will no longer attempt to keep things more or less the same in Firefox and MS IE, since MS IE makes this intentionally impossible, and I do not want to put up with these antics: I lack the taste and the health. I am sorry if you use MS IE, but then again you shouldn't, regardless of my site, since Firefox is much safer and much better anyway.

  • May 12:  me+ME: ME Awareness Day and the DSM-5: What the title says, with text mostly by Suzy Chapman, including links to her sites.

  • May 11:  me: Varia - Nederlog, higher education, html: About why there is no Dutch in Nederlog since a long time, higher education in the US, and a good free html-editor.

  • May 9: Some additions - brief biographical data, mostly - in my Philosophical Dictionary. See Recent additions.

  • May 8: ME: Margaret Williams - Grey” Information about ME/CFS - 2: Part 2, continuing yesterday's Part 1, with the same remarks: This is Ms Williams' work, not mine, but I reproduce it because I find it - like much that she wrote - very helpful. And also: me: Simon Leys on George Orwell - remarks on and links to works by two very interesting writers, also with some interesting material about China.

  • May 7: me+ME: More XMRV-news: More from doctors Lipkin, Mikovits, Racaniello and Science. And also: ME: Margaret Williams - Grey” Information about ME/CFS - 1, which is not my work, except for the copying and formatting, but is by Ms Williams, and I find it quite helpful and interesting.

  • May 6: GW: The world is full of people with split conscience: A homily on conscience or rather the common lack or restriction thereof to Us, by Dagobert Runes, mostly.

  • May 5: me+ME: XMRV-news: Dr. Ila Singh and co-workers have investigated the presence of XMRV in a group of patients with ME/CFS (very probably) and found none. This is my take on it, with links to relevant material.

  • May 4: me+ME: Varia about the site, ME/CFS, Holland and Auschwitz: What the title says. Also, I corrected meanwhile a linking problem to the text of May 1.

  • May 3: me+ME: On medical sadism - 2: More on the subject, including extensive quotations that at the very least establish it exists. (Quite interesting, but not for tender hearted: Pretty awful reading, if you care for people and real ethical medical science.)

  • May 1: me+ME: On medical sadism - 1: Taking up a theme from last year - see Studies in MEdical Sadism - 0 I try to shed some light on some forty US medical experiments that were quite illegal and inhuman, but took place nevertheless, and relate it to ME/CFS, and how this is being abused by psychiatric pervs.