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Incarnations of this site

This site - here is the site map, which gives the best general survey - has since 1996 contained large parts of the Philosophy, Logic and ME in Amsterdam sections in different types of html-formatting. Here is a list of the main incarnations, for those who care for this sort of knowledge:

  • November 1996: Very simple site with a few files.
  • January 1997: First frames version.
  • May 1997: Frames version with eagle-logo.
  • November 1999: First version with added material and globe-logo.
  • February 2000: Reformatting of previous version.
  • May 2000: Reformatting previous verstion with starry background and Tahoma 14 point letter
  • July 2001: Reformatting of the whole site to no-frames version and Arial 12 point bold letter.
  • January 2002: The whole site has been reformatted in January 2002, mostly to bring together what belongs together in one main directory with subdirectories.
  • September 2002: The whole site is being reformatted to Verdana 10 point font.
  • January 2003: The reformatting to Verdana 10 point is about done (and what has not been reformatted to Verdana 10 point can be regarded as out of date)
  • July 2004: Beginning of Philosophical Dictionary.
  • October 2009: The openings of the site and main sections, that were frames since 2003, now are no frames anymore, but single html-files (formatted with invisible tables).

    In DUTCH
  • Aug 2004: Beginning of Nedernieuws (Dutch)
  • Jan 2006: Beginning of Nederlog (Dutch) as continuance of Nedernieuws
  • August - October 2007: Linearized and reformatted ME in Amsterdam
  • Oct - Dec 2008: Added ME in Amsterdam - 2008 to ME in Amsterdam
  • Mar 2009: Added ME in Amsterdam - 2009
  • Probably in December 2011: Added ME in Amsterdam - 2010
I have reformatted the file on October 30, 2013, to make the font look the same. And I added the last item in the last dotted table, bur otherwise altered nothing. But there have been mostly added NLs - Nederlogs, meanwhile almost only written in English - only, though there also have been some updates and additions in Philosophy and in Logic.

Another change: I've switched to Linux in May 2012, and should say that while this mostly was a big improvement,compared to Windows, there still is no really good and largely bug-free WYSIWYG html program on Linux. I'm using KompoZer, which works, but I also have to work around its bugs, that at times are quite annoying.

This also means that the above "Verdana 10 point" is misleading or false: It is in Verdana but in KompoZer the size of the font in the present lettering is "small". Then again, it is about what it was, although there probably still are files with lettering that is too large: First, in late 2011 and the beginning of 2012 quite a few mistakes were introduced that I did not see, at first; and second, in May-June 2012 I got serious problems with my eyes, that still persist in March 2014, although they have grown considerably better, meanwhile.

Startdate of this file: Jun 1 2003

    Maarten Maartensz     
last update: Mar 22 2014