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Directories of this site

This file is usually construction and may not be exactly true or complete (since it is updated periodically). Most numbers given are approximate at best and depend on the state of my harddisk, that contains some more than is on the site (mainly administration).






Help + Tour for the site

MM (Total)



250 MB

Approximately at Dec 13, 2009 :
> 150 M
B all: > 200,000 links mostly internal. (These statistics depend on the state of my harddisk, and may be a bit larger than on the site).

Maarten Maartensz


 The Map of this site


Sitemap (this file)




3 MB


Help    Helpfiles  1.2 MB Helpfiles for the site


Philosophy (Total)



110 MB

Philosophical views, ideas and texts




 870  Kb

(Only opening section) 

Philosophical Dictionary



  12  MB Philosophical Dictionary
>= 570 entries


     Aristotle     3 MB Aristotle's Ethics + my comments
Aristotle's Politics + my comments (in part so far)


  60  Kb Manual (Enchiridon)




 871  Kb

The Prince + my comments

     De la Boétie

 200  Kb

De vrijwillige slavernij - Dutch translation of the Discourse of  Volontary Servitude (orig. French, 16th C, by Montaigne's best friend).




 565  Kb

Meditations + my comments




35   Kb

My aphoristic comments on some of his aphorisms



 460 Kb Leviathan - Part I
     Swift  225 Kb Voyage to the Houyhnhnms (4th and last part of Gulliver's Travels)




40  Kb

Fable of the Bees (Poem, no text sofar)




3.10 MB

Nouveaux Essays (excerpts) + my comments
Monadology (full) + my comments

     Hume     4 MB Enquiry Understanding + my comments
Enquiry Morals + my comments
     Chamfort   765 Kb Maximes et Pensées (French)
Partial translation + comments (so far)




 1 Mb

Several essays (more to follow)



 3.5 Mb

On Liberty + my comments, and Representative Government and
Utilitarianism + my comments

   75  Burckhardt 1.14 MB Culture of the Renaissance in Italy + my notes (in part)




55  MB

About the Dutch writer and philosopher
Multatuli (Eduard Douwes Dekker) (Dutch)
- Ideen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and Specialiteiten. Extensive comments on the Ideen. (Dutch)

     4  Clifford  270 Kb The Ethics of Belief + my notes


   6 MB The Principles of Psychology




1 MB

Problems of Philosophy + my comments




400 Kb

Tractatus + Comments (in part)




15 MB

A little of my own philosophy, included the most downloaded file on the site


Logic (Total)



6 MB

A goodly amount of non-standard logic 

      4  Clifford  275 Kb The Ethics of Belief + my Notes
    12  Edwards  690 Kb The Logic of Moral Discourse: cmmented excerpt + extra chapter
     8  Induction  340 Kb  The problem of induction (partial)


Computing (Total)    11  Computing   50 MB

Computing, computers, internet (includes largish zipped Squeak-image)

    700  Assembly  40 MB Programming languages (Note that the MB's in Assembly and Smalltalk and Squeak etc. are in large part documentation and programming environments for these programming languages, and are as of sep 2009 no 'official' - maintained, extended, linked - parts of the site anymore.)
      1  Basic  
      1  Pascal  
      1  Prolog  
    400  Smalltalk and Squeak    9 MB
     30  BitsAndPieces  730 Kb About programming






The disease ME aka CFS etc.




7 Mb

Documentation about ME

   380  ME in Amsterdam
ME in A'dam 2008
 ME in A'dam 2009
 38 MB My trials and tribulations living in Amsterdam with M.E. (Dutch)

 Nedernieuws + Nederlog

    440  Nedernieuws   8 MB Quickly written Dutch summaries of and comments on things happening in Holland. (Autumn 2004 - End 2005)



 Van Traa-rapport Amsterdam

1.45 MB

Dutch parliamentary report on drugs - about Amsterdam + my notes (Dutch)

Log  1000  Nederlog  50 Mb Quickly written Dutch comments on ongoing events, ideas and things happening to me. (Since January 2006)

Note the above lists directories and links to central files in them. There are in fact several thousands of files on this site that you can reach from the central files in the above list.

Also, it should be noted that there is one largish zipped item that I did not write on the site: a zipped Squeak image. This concerns computing, and is a programming environment. According to McAfee's Site Advisor it is a tested and safe download, and indeed it is.

Apart from that, nearly all of this site is text, almost all written in English or Dutch, and where this is not credited to others - this concerns mostly philosophical classics - is my text.

If you were to find a file on the site that does not have the blue background of the present file, then it either concerns logic or is a non-reformatted remnant of an earlier version of the site.

I appreciate it if you report any serious or annoying mistakes in formatting or missing links. Again according to McAfee's Site Advisor my site has "very many users", while I myself have ME, so it would make things easier for me and others if you report serious mistakes. I'll repair them a.s.a.p. if I can reproduce them on my system.

The site starts here: Maarten Maartensz and its helpfiles here: Helpfiles.

I wish you pleasant reading and computing!

Maarten Maartensz
Dec 13, 2009

Copyright and Ownership Notice:      

This site, all its files, its structure, its design, its concepts and ideas have all been conceived by Maarten Maartensz and by him alone.

Consequently, he is the only one who holds the copyright to it all, and the only person who is responsible for it.

This site is independent of any and all institutions, authorities, political parties, religious organizations etc.

This site is owned and maintained by one unique rational and reasonable philosopher.

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