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  Jun 2, 2012                  

Ubuntu-log: Introduction


        1. Introduction
        2. What's in Ubuntu-log
        3. What Ubuntu-log is for
        4. Present limitations of Ubuntu-log
        5. Index Ubuntu-log

1. Introduction

This is a record of my experiences with Ubuntu, and specifically - at the moment of writing this - of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is a version of Linux, which is a Unix-like OS - and the links are, in this case, to Wikipedia: Underlined items in blue are links, and if you want to see whereto you should put your cursor on it: You'll find the URL the link links to displayed in your browser in the lower left hand corner - I think in all browsers, but can only testify empirically to this fact in Mozilla browsers, for I use no other browsers.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on May 3, 2012 on a USB stick on a new computer I had bought a month earlier, and since I liked what I saw, installed it on May 10, 2012, on my computer, where it now dual boots with Windows 7, that I almost immediately stopped using, since I dislike Windows (in any shape or form) since it started, mostly because it is not free and open source, and apart from that because it often is no good (though Windows XP Professional, I grant, worked most of the time), and because it is quite unsafe.

In any case: I like the idea of Linux, and have been actively trying to install it in 1999-2000, when Windows 98 daily crashed twice on me, on average, but either could not get it installed at all, or only got installed versions without internet, without sound, and without printing. The versions invariably came with assurances that 'installing is a breeze', while if they came with help, this tended to arrive in the form of what seemed more like a treatise in higher mathematics than like a set of clear instructions to get a piece of software working.

I wrote about this - quite irrititated, after having spend a lot of time and some money over it - and the record is still on my site, namely here: On Linux (October 1999 - October 2000).

If I had been healthy, I would have done more to get a working Linux, but since I am ill since January 1, 1979, with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), I normally have very little energy and am in some pain, and this severely limits what I can do.

Also, in 2002 I got a new computer with Windows XP, and that turned out to be a useable version of Windows, mostly because it was much more stable than its predecessors. (The last link gives my first and second impressions of it, in 2002.)

Since then I have run Windows XP Professional mostly, on several 32 bit computers, until I bought a new 64 bits computer in March 2012, that I only could get with Windows 7 installed.

This I could do only because I had been introduced to something that helps against the disease I have, that at least provides me some more energy - for which see my Nederlog for 2012, in case you are interested: Look for entries with mB12-protocol.

Nederlog is a kind of blog (but without a comments section) on my large site, that exists since 1996, and that is mostly about philosophy, computing, logic and ME/CFS. I have there documented my experiences with Ubuntu, and the present section (defined as a folder on my harddisk and my site) is an edition of the pieces I wrote about Ubuntu  in Nederlog, mostly by peeling off surrounding material that are not about it.

The present file is the introduction to the rest, which is a record of my experiences with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which has a directory for itself, in the Linux section, in the Computing  section, on my site.

Apart from the introduction to what follows, this contains the index to what follows, with the names and dates of writing.

2. What's in Ubuntu-log

Basically, it is a record of my experiences with Ubuntu - which I will use mostly as referring to an Operating System, though I will also write about other things that go by that name - and more specifically, since there are many more Ubuntu-distributions, with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (with '12.04' a version  number, and 'LTS' meaning 'Long Time Servuce' namely till April 2017).

It contains my personal judgments only, if unquoted and unattributed, and I am a person who is not paid for his writings, sites or opinions, and who is only responsible to himself.

As I have said, the beginnings of Ubuntu-log are derived from Nederlog, which is about much more than Linux, Ubuntu or computing, which also is one reason to start a log that is mainly about Ubuntu.

Ubuntu-log is intended to be mostly about Ubuntu - my experiences with it; what I like or dislike about it; and what relates to it, which may vary from Linux to programming - but I will not be strict: If I want to write about philosophy or my site or my illness, or indeed anything whatsoever in this log, then I will do so, though the general idea is that it has to have some rational relation with Ubuntu, and the uses I make of it.

3. What Ubuntu-log is for

Like Nederlog, it will be mostly an expression of my experiences and interests, in this case as related to Ubuntu.

Since I am a newbie to Linux and Ubuntu, though not to computing, this log is in the first place meant to be useful to myself, as a record of my experiences, opinions and findings, but I assume it also will be helpful to other newbies to Linux or Ubuntu.

I hope indeed it will be, but I have no pretensions that way, nor do I aim at enlightening others about Ubuntu, for one things because there are many others who are much better equipped than I am to do so - and here are some references that will be helpful to beginners:

         Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Precise Pangolin
         (on ubuntuguide.org: Fine surve
Ubuntu forums                               
         (very extensive forums)
         Ubuntu Linux Resources
         (very good introductory series)
Full Circle Magazine                         
         (excellent free monthly about Ubuntu)

So basically this is a record of my experiences and findings relating to Ubuntu, that only speaks for myself, and that probably is useful for newbies like myself, but that is not meant to be, since there are other resources that are much better at helping newbies.

4. Present limitations of Ubuntu-log

As the date of the file indicates, I wrote this text and put together this section on June 2, 2012, using materials from my Nederlog. I have tried to do it properly, but the probability is that - at the time of writing: June 2, 2012, and for some weeks to come - there will be some linking errors. Also, there may be some formatting or naming changes. Finally, one reason to say so, and notably 'for some weeks to come', is that I use my site for other things, and have to do all things I do with little health, which may lead to larger project taking time.

Then again, I do not foresee major changes or major problems, and the links to other sites - which is where you find most information for newbies, such as in the links in the previous section, should work and were mostly checked to work.

5. Index Ubuntu-log

Index Ubuntu-log

May 2012

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June 2012

Jun 2, 2012 Ubuntu-log started

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