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A few general remarks about programming languages


A few more specific remarks about some programming languages


Some links have been added in most cases.

I started on Jun 12 2007 something new: BitsAndPieces, that are incidental remarks about matters relating to programming (from the point of view of a non-professional). Since this depends on my health, which has not been good, these pieces are more incidental than they would otherwise be.

Also, I have somewhat changed - as of november 2009 - my positions on learning Assembly and Smalltalk:

I now think - as explained under the links - that by far the best way to learn Assembly is with the help of Masm32 (and not by way of other assemblers, as I was inclined to think before) and that it is not advisable to (try to) learn Smalltalk, at least if you want to learn about computers and computing.

last update: Nov 6, 2009