July 2007


Jul 27, 2007: 10.  GoAsm: Another good assembler



Personally, having decided to delve into Assembly, it seems the best choice for me in assemblers is RosAsm. Two reasons (among many others) are

  • its Right Click feature, that provides an incomparably good help
  • its originality

The first point seems to me to be very important for novices to assembly, since for them there is much to learn, and RosAsm makes this far easier than any other assembler I have seen.

The second point may be less important for some, and may be a reason to avoid it for others.

Since I have been investigating assembly-land for more than 3 months now, and have meanwhile seen quite a lot, I should perhaps give here an alternative.

My second choice to learn assembly would be GoAsm + EasyCode. GoAsm has been developed by Jeremy Gordon, and seems to have many pleasant features. EasyCode is an IDE that has been developed by Ramon Sala, and has a special version for GoAsm. Both are free products.

Of the more conventional modern assemblers - a phrase I use because RosAsm embodies many original ideas that make it different from other assemblers, and because by "modern assemblers" I mean those which code for 32 or 64 bits CPUs - GoAsm seems the best developed and the most tested and debugged, while EasyCode is quite a good IDE.

Maarten Maartensz


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