Almost all operators in assembly:                                   (Frame/Text)


There WAS a list here with (almost) all operators in assembly with short explanations and examples.


since (1) this was for the RosAsm assembler, which seems to be no longer in development, and
        (2) I do get many hits on this file
        (3) that make it more difficult for me to gauge the traffic to the rest of my site

I have decided to remove all of it, and give instead, as a service for those learning assembly, a


- This also gives most opcodes with explanations
- It is not geared to a specific assembler
- It comes with what seems a useful introduction:


  • I have no relations about the above two links or the site they are on:
    I picked this up from the internet; the references seem useful; the site is - unlike mine - only about assembly-programming; and I only provide the links for people looking for explanations of assembly opcodes and have been directed to this place by Google, or downloaded this file when it still contained working references to the assembly opcodes.
  • I have removed all files relating to RosAsm from my site, except for the present one:
    Some of my reasons are here: Assembly.
  • In case you are interested in the RosAsm materials, you can mail me: Here starts my homepage

I do believe this is more helpful to everyone learning assembly and also for me in maintaining my site.

Maarten Maartensz
Amsterdam, 21 april 2011