Rewriting the sit

Rewriting the site

I have a large site in html since almost 20 years (since 11 November 1996).
It is over 500 MB (which comprises over 500 average books, but only if it were pure text, which it isn't).

On the moment - September 2016 - I am rewriting the site, in the following sense:

I have had serious and painful problems with my eyes since the second half of 2012, when they collapsed.
Since then (and also before then) I have used a rather small rather square monitor that served me very well.
This went off somewhere in August, when I bought a new squarish monitor that probably has the ordinary format
squarish monitors now have, which is a bit larger than the one I used: The old one had a screen of height * breadth =
23 * 30.5 cm; the new one has a screen of h * b = 27 * 34 cm. This means that the new one is about 4 centimeters
taller and wider than the old one.

This showed me that the old blue graphical background - and here is a small copy of it, so that you know what I mean:

that I used for my site is too small for the new monitor: it shows a part of the non-graphical background at the bottom.

It is this that I am "rewriting", in the sense that I am replacing the old copy of the above background with a new copy
that does fit the whole screen of the new monitor. I have to make quite a few replacements, because I had decided a
long time ago that I wanted the background normally in the main directory I was working in (and not somewhere on a
quite different place - which is also safer in view of the possibility of piracy).

So that is what I am doing now, and here is a list of the progress I have made:

List of progress:

And that was it: I have done most of what I set out to do (in the end of August): Most of the site now displays
correctly, with a properly sized background. There are five directories listed above that need some more doing,
but most of that will be done in September (only Multatuli will probably last longer, for that is a lot of work).

I do hope that this improves the looks of the site considerably, but I also have to grant that what I try to maintain
is restricted to squarish monitors of the above - standard - size, that are running Firefox or Seamonkey: I have
neither the health nor the resources to make it fit all sizes of all monitors or all browsers.

There is a link to this file in the opening of my site. (It is on the right, the lowest entry.) It will be left there
until all of the site displays well, and will then be removed (but this may take quite a while, mostly because
of the work on


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